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New Negatives2004-09-09 08:00:15
GPLRank Kyle Pearson -0.632
  Hippo -3.774
  Eric Libourel -3.167
  Maik Schallnaß -2.597
New World Records2004-09-08 09:00:01
Zandvoort 1967 BRM (65) Jan Ygborn 1:27.310
New Negatives2004-09-08 08:00:18
Monster of GPLRank Bart Horn -1.52
RSC League2004-09-08 03:16:13
Author: Markus Forsström
The RSC League is back and accepting new drivers! This league was (newly-)founded in the final hours of 2003 when an idea occurred to merge two leagues with half grids (NGPLCL and VSR league) with the then defunct RSC League in order to get fuller grids :). Our main goal is to have fun. We have drivers with ranks varying from the positive side to around -70 so we have decided to ask the drivers to pick a car that puts them closest to -20 - -30 gplrank and stick to it the whole season.

click here for more info about this league
New World Records2004-09-07 09:00:01
Zandvoort 1967 Brabham BT7 (65) Paul Smith65 1:27.795
New World Records2004-09-06 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Honda (65) Welf Mandelkow 1:35.605 (-0.395)
Pau 1967 Brabham BT11 (65) Marko Räsänen(65) 1:24.557
  Brabham BT7 (65) Marko Räsänen(65) 1:25.166
New Negatives2004-09-06 08:00:17
GPLRank Thomas DiLibero -2.038
  Neil Hackett -0.318
ChallengeRank Marc Thut -0.929
Monster of MunchausenRank Stuart 'Stunter' G -303.946
New Negatives2004-09-05 08:00:18
GPLRank Hondaman -0.311
  Andreas Granitzer -0.714
  stephen noble -0.902
Monster of GPLRank Laurent Combrouze -0.57
  haru -0.853
New Negatives2004-09-04 08:00:17
GPLRank Dan Walter -7.93
Monster of GPLRank Antti Laitinen -6.182
GPL65Rank Rui Carneiro 65 -20.912
Monster of GPL65Rank Rui Carneiro 65 -61.36
New Negatives2004-09-03 08:00:18
ChallengeRank De Gryse Steve -24.169
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