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71 CanAmRank is now live2012-10-03 15:39:54
Author: Ed Hut
GPLRank now list a 71CanAmRank with a number of tracks. Donnybrooke is still missing and will be added if and when it comes available. Watkins Glen is the 1967 version (GPL original) and not the 71 version, because that version is not correct in layout and also not very good to actually drive on. The benchmarks are the pole times as driven in 1971.

Thanks to Urban for providing the info and congrats to Sven Vangent for being the first driver to achieve a ranking.

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New Negatives2014-08-30 08:00:20
HistoricRank David "Shaka" Schneider -0.702
New World Records2014-08-27 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 McLaren M4A Urban G Alsenmyr 1:32.155 (-0.150)
Falkenberg 2002 BRM (65) Robert Fleurke 0:42.559 (-0.064)
  Ferrari (65) Robert Fleurke 0:42.385 (-0.090)
  Honda (65) Robert Fleurke 0:42.231 (-0.303)
New Negatives2014-08-25 08:00:03
OvalRank Yannick Verheijen -0.463
New World Records2014-08-24 09:00:00
Kyalami 1967 McLaren M9A Robert Fleurke 1:17.204 (-0.016)
New Negatives2014-08-24 08:00:03
GPLRank Fat Rich -9.496
1967F2 Rank David "Shaka" Schneider -0.038
New Negatives2014-08-22 08:00:03
Monster of GPLRank Franck Behra -194.725
ChallengeRank adz -19.424
New World Records2014-08-21 09:00:01
Kyalami 1967 McLaren M9A Rome Schihalev 1:17.220 (-0.662)
Road Atlanta '71 1971 Shadow MkII Robert Fleurke 1:14.510
New Negatives2014-08-21 08:00:19
GPL66Rank Michel Fournié -0.693
71 CanAmRank René Verharen -2.759
Groundhog Seasons2014-08-18 08:43:04
Author: Jani Posta
Groundhog Weekly's Pre-War Series with 65/67/67F2 cars starts in September! More details and full calendar at http://freeleo.hu/weekly/

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2014-08-18 08:00:30
OvalRank David "Shaka" Schneider -0.872
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