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CanAm 1966 laptimes now accepted2016-04-11 16:09:10
Author: Ed Hut
It's been a long time since I posted an update, but after a long wait the CanAm 1966 mod has arrived! The mod has been defined in GPLRank and uploading lap times should now work.

A rank for this mod will be defined within a couple of days.

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New Negatives2016-10-04 08:00:02
Monster of 66 CanAmRank Paul McAdam -27.638
New Negatives2016-09-17 08:00:03
GPLRank Renato Piacenti -32.737
New Negatives2016-09-14 08:00:07
GPLRank JonnyO -36.693
New Negatives2016-09-06 08:00:09
GPL66Rank Greg -25.26
New Negatives2016-09-04 08:00:03
ChallengeRank Yannick Verheijen -0.491
New Negatives2016-09-01 08:00:02
ChallengeRank Ed Cullen -17.079
New Negatives2016-08-17 08:00:03
66 CanAmRank Göran Jonsson -0.015
New Negatives2016-08-11 08:00:02
Monster of GPLRank Yannick Verheijen -0.671
New World Records2016-08-01 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Matra MS5 Robert Fleurke 1:32.302 (-0.061)
  Matra MS7 Robert Fleurke 1:32.289 (-0.191)
Snetterton Heath Circuit 1967 Lotus 48 Robert Fleurke 1:26.347
Zandvoort 1967 Lotus 48 Robert Fleurke 1:24.916 (-0.072)
New World Records2016-07-19 09:00:00
Snetterton Heath Circuit 1967 Lotus 41B Robert Fleurke 1:26.221
  Matra MS5 Robert Fleurke 1:25.982
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