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CanAm 1966 laptimes now accepted2016-04-11 16:09:10
Author: Ed Hut
It's been a long time since I posted an update, but after a long wait the CanAm 1966 mod has arrived! The mod has been defined in GPLRank and uploading lap times should now work.

A rank for this mod will be defined within a couple of days.

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New Negatives2016-04-28 08:00:17
66 CanAmRank Robert Fleurke -1.932
New Negatives2016-04-23 08:00:04
66 CanAmRank Greg -1.861
  Urban G Alsenmyr -9.34
New World Records2016-04-21 09:00:01
Indy 1999 Eagle Harald_Podzielny 0:51.720 (-0.018)
New World Records2016-04-17 09:00:01
Indy 1999 Brabham Harald_Podzielny 0:52.278 (-0.075)
  BRM Harald_Podzielny 0:52.841 (-0.004)
New Negatives2016-04-10 08:00:05
Monster of GPL65Rank Robert Fleurke -125.824
New Negatives2016-04-09 08:00:03
GPL65Rank Robert Fleurke -28.549
New Negatives2016-03-30 08:00:28
Monster of GPL65Rank Roo -0.16
GPL65v2Rank Andreas Gebhardt -0.423
New Negatives2016-03-28 08:00:02
GPL69XRank Roberto Teso -6.597
New Negatives2016-03-26 08:00:03
Monster of GPL65v2Rank Robert Fleurke -85.636
New Negatives2016-03-25 08:00:42
Monster of GT 67Rank Paul McAdam -784.413
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