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GPL Rank for 1955 is live2017-05-19 14:22:09
Author: Ed Hut
Maybe it's the mod that was the longest in the making of them all, but finally it has arrived and as of today honored with a rank in GPLRank: GPL55 Rank !!!

Thanks to Urban again for providing the info and keeling me informed of this new development.

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New Negatives2018-04-19 08:00:00
1967F2 Rank Josť FierroFord -0.011
New Negatives2018-04-18 08:00:00
71 CanAmRank Carlos Cendejas -0.529
New Negatives2018-04-14 08:00:01
GPLRank Miguel Palud -42.261
New Negatives2018-04-03 08:00:02
GPL66Rank Pablo Sosa -18.265
New Negatives2018-03-20 08:00:00
Monster of MunchausenRank Yannick Verheijen -25.014
New Negatives2018-03-15 08:00:00
GPL55Rank quico giralt -9.093
New Negatives2018-03-10 08:00:01
GPL55Rank Sergio Stewart -5.404
New Negatives2018-02-25 08:00:00
Monster of HistoricRank Yannick Verheijen -0.042
New Negatives2018-02-23 08:00:01
Monster of GPLRank Paul McAdam -181.038
New Negatives2018-02-21 08:00:00
1967F2 Rank Pablo Sosa -0.586
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