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New World Records2004-09-02 09:00:01
Adelaide 1985 BRM (65) Sebastian Fischer 1:32.357
New Negatives2004-09-02 08:00:18
GPLRank Imagine -3.226
GplRacer2004-09-01 17:48:12
Author: Michael Kaulfuss
Gplracer die erste Liga im 65er Mod mit Fahrschule und Rookie-Cup Es werden immer gern Neuanmeldungen entgegengenommen es verspricht eine gute 2. Saisonhalbzeit zu werden unter http://gplracer.de könnt Ihr euch eintragen

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New Negatives2004-09-01 08:00:18
GPLRank Philipp Nawrocki -0.177
  Timo Beier -5.064
New Negatives2004-08-31 08:00:18
GPLRank Brian Bowles -5.608
  Mark James -0.859
G.B. GPL Novice League2004-08-31 05:58:04
Author: Peter Stenning
Novice and newbie League in Great Britain 8 to 10 race season at varing tracks. Vote for your favorite track to be included in the season, any car can be used but must be an original car from GPL 67 Season . No wide wheels or other performance inhancing add ons , graphics are free.A 65 car league may be included if sufficient interest is shown. Taking reserves for the 67 League, but if you wish to take part or register for the 65 League i will fill any spaces with drivers from that League.

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New Negatives2004-08-30 08:00:17
GPLRank Aleksei Olenichev -3.475
  Kristofer Martell -4.851
GPL65Rank Réjean Lapierre -6.425
New Negatives2004-08-29 08:00:18
GPLRank Kevin McKelvin -2.04
ChallengeRank Andrey Zlobin -24.963
New Negatives2004-08-27 08:00:17
GPLRank Howard Speirs -1.803
Monster of GPL65Rank Urban Alsenmyr -35.181
New Negatives2004-08-26 08:00:17
GPLRank Bryce Russell -20.238
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