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New Negatives2004-07-17 08:00:18
GPLRank Meinrad Duepre -8.414
G.B. GPL Novice League2004-07-17 06:50:26
Author: peter stenning
Novice and newbie League in Great Britain 8 to 10 race season at varing tracks. Vote for your favorite track to be included in the season, any car can be used but must be an original car from GPL 67 Season . No wide wheels or other performance inhancing add ons , graphics are free.A 65 car league may be included if sufficient interest is shown.

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New World Records2004-07-16 09:00:01
Mexico 1967 Lotus (65) Elias Hirvonen 1:49.581
Road Atlanta BRM A.S 1:14.183 (-0.204)
Spa Francorchamps 1967 Ferrari (65) Elias Hirvonen 3:33.901
Watkins Glen Int. 1967 Lotus (65) Elias Hirvonen 1:08.513
New Negatives2004-07-16 08:00:17
GPLRank Kay Kaschube -22.318
New Negatives2004-07-15 08:00:16
Monster of GPLRank Dinis Santos -78.7
ChallengeRank Henrik Immelmark -6.169
New Negatives2004-07-14 08:00:17
Monster of GPLRank Stephen Strudwick -106.506
New World Records2004-07-13 09:00:02
East London 1967 Lotus (65) Stefan Sjöström 1:25.008 (-0.106)
Mexico 1967 Cooper (65) Jan Ygborn 1:51.755
Road Atlanta BRM Thomas Horn 1:14.387 (-0.147)
Spa Francorchamps 1967 Cooper (65) Jan Ygborn 3:38.529
Zandvoort 1967 Ferrari Peter Hum 1:22.358 (-0.044)
New Negatives2004-07-13 08:00:17
GPLRank Mart Free(QGPL) -0.103
  Dave McRee -2.489
HistoricRank Carsten Theile -14.474
  Oliver Ehrling -0.194
GPL65Rank Gazzeb -0.945
ADC - The Average Drivers Club2004-07-12 13:05:55
Author: David Fletcher
All Divisions of the Average Drivers Club are looking for new members. What is the ADC? The ADC is one of the largest GPL Racing Clubs in the community. We currently boast a membership of over 50 active members in 16 countries worldwide. We run four Divisions: Americas, European, Australian, and Average, at various times/days during the week. If you're interested, check out our page at Speedgeezers: http://www.speedgeezers.com/new/page.php?id=5 David Fletcher President ADC

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New World Records2004-07-12 09:00:00
East London 1967 Brabham BT11 (65) Stefan Sjöström 1:25.195 (-0.057)
Monaco 1967 BRM (65) Paul Smith65 1:27.859 (-0.104)
Zandvoort 1967 Eagle Peter Hum 1:22.402 (-0.010)
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