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New Negatives2004-07-12 08:00:17
GPLRank Angel Andrés -0.682
  Sanjin Haler -2.34
ChallengeRank Nicholas Simmerer -2.699
Monster of ChallengeRank Jan Ygborn -281.09
HistoricRank Patrik Heyl -1.096
GPL65Rank Michael Kipp -0.287
VROC F2 Club2004-07-12 00:12:49
Author: Michael Cornelison
The VROC F2 Club is now running 65 mod cars TOGETHER with our dear old 67 F2's on Saturdays! All current, former, and prospective members are encouraged to celebrate by joining us for some competitive racing, with the option of choosing your new favorite 65 car or your old F2 standby. Thursday Night Thunder uses innovative Sprint/Feature format which all but guarantees close, exciting racing! Saturday races have been so popular we've sometimes had to run three servers! Join us!

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New Negatives2004-07-11 08:00:16
ChallengeRank Dave Unger -2.204
New Negatives2004-07-10 08:00:16
GPLRank R Scheffler -6.918
  Michael Kipp -6.97
  Big Phil -0.381
  Rui Carneiro -44.984
Monster of GPLRank Rui Carneiro -183.009
ChallengeRank Rui Carneiro -50.015
Monster of ChallengeRank Rui Carneiro -201.542
HistoricRank Rui Carneiro -21.736
Monster of HistoricRank Rui Carneiro -53.059
MunchausenRank Rui Carneiro -51.613
Monster of MunchausenRank Rui Carneiro -203.658
GPL65Rank Paul Smith65 -26.683
GplRacer2004-07-09 14:23:24
Author: Michael Kaulfuss
Gplracer die erste Liga im 65er Mod mit Fahrschule und Rookie-Cup Ein Fun- Event in Road Atlanta in USA wir begrüssen alle recht herzlich zum Event .... Nächstes Punkterennen: 17.08.2004 - Wiesbaden

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New World Records2004-07-09 09:00:01
East London 1967 Lotus (65) Rich DeLong 1:25.114 (-0.100)
Monaco 1967 BRM (65) Damian Baldi 65 1:27.904
Road Atlanta BRM Marco Saupe 1:14.534 (-0.019)
  Honda Thomas Horn 1:13.864 (-0.458)
New Negatives2004-07-09 08:00:17
Monster of GPLRank Juha Pyy -0.056
  Patrick Marx -227.121
  Russell Fults -0.69
New Negatives2004-07-08 08:00:16
GPLRank David Killmer -2.074
  Charles Ghazarian -6.577
New Negatives2004-07-07 08:00:16
Monster of GPL65Rank Paul Jackson F1 -106.607
New Negatives2004-07-06 08:00:16
GPLRank William Campbell -46.212
Monster of GPLRank William Campbell -167.416
ChallengeRank Laurent Vaisman -5.153
Monster of ChallengeRank Tommi Isotalo -6.884
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