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New World Records2006-04-06 09:00:00
Adelaide Sprint Circuit 2002 BRM (65) Alon Day 1:25.973 (-0.044)
New World Records2006-04-04 09:00:00
Brands Hatch 1967 Brabham BT11 (65) Blood 1:34.870 (-0.046)
  BRM (65) Blood 1:34.777 (-0.620)
  Ferrari (65) Blood 1:34.988 (-0.208)
  Honda (65) Blood 1:35.198 (-0.407)
  Lotus (65) Blood 1:34.589 (-0.712)
Mexico 1967 Brabham BT11 (65) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:49.723 (-0.067)
  Brabham BT7 (65) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:50.581 (-0.235)
  BRM (65) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:49.801 (-0.013)
  Cooper (65) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:50.850 (-0.015)
  Honda (65) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:49.995 (-0.380)
Monza 1967 Honda James Dayjur 1:27.473 (-0.044)
ASRG GPLAC2006-04-04 02:03:03
Author: Trevor Forster
Australia's and most likely one of the Worlds Premier Online GPL Leagues is now open for Sign-Ups for Season 9!! This is where the Aliens and their friends from Down-under (Australia and its surrounds) further refine their skills against each other in 1967 Grand Prix Events. Prizeware such as Trophies and Medals await the lucky participants. Series starts on the 6th April, a multiple division structure is in place so no one misses out! See http://www.asrg.org/gpl/gplac/ for more details.

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New Negatives2006-04-03 08:00:05
GPL65Rank Garrett Griffin -1.624
New Negatives2006-04-02 08:00:06
GPLRank David Griffin (F2) -18.097
Monster of GPLRank Frank H. -99.719
New Negatives2006-04-01 08:00:06
GPLRank Serge Grosserpreis -0.482
B.R.E.A.S.T.S.2006-03-31 13:39:01
Author: Clive Loynes
B.R.E.A.S.T.S., having completed their Tour de France are soon to embark upon a World Series; which will naturally be contained entirely within North America. Spec races are held between each Open race of the main season and are scored as a separate event, although their main purpose is to provide practice for the forthcomming Open.

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New Negatives2006-03-31 08:00:06
GPLRank David Vanmullem -0.543
NGPLS - Norwegian GPL Series2006-03-29 21:43:38
Author: Runar Bjornstad
Da er ny sesong i gang! Alle kan når som helst bli med i serien uansett nivå, det er like mye for moro som det er seriøst i denne ligaen. 9 løp på 45 minutter (30 min kval) skal kjøres annenhver tirsdag kl 2100, sesongstart er 24. januar. De 2 dårligste resultatene strykes, men det er valgfritt hvor mange løp en vil kjøre. Ligaen har flere servere og kjøres med Bandwidth Patch. Velkommen!

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New Negatives2006-03-29 08:00:06
Monster of GPLRank saxon mccallister -119.639
GPL65v2Rank Garrett Griffin -1.116
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