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New World Records2006-03-28 09:00:00
Keimola 1970 BRM Jojof1 1:15.584 (-0.083)
Lime Rock Park 2002 Brabham Torbjörn Ståhl 0:52.746 (-0.007)
  Lotus Torbjörn Ståhl 0:52.424 (-0.033)
New Negatives2006-03-28 08:00:05
Monster of GPL65Rank Gigi-gianfry -118.715
FMB Legends2006-03-27 22:19:53
Author: Nishi Perera
The FMB Legends league is an international group of drivers running their 5th season of GPL competition, this time with 1969 Grand Prix machinery. Races take place Sundays every 2-3 weeks (usually at 14:00 CET). The league is about enjoying good competition, challenging yourself to improve, and having fun while doing it. The FMBL5 season has recently started, but we are still accepting new drivers.

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New Negatives2006-03-27 08:00:06
GPLRank f355 -0.331
ChallengeRank Gull -17.839
HistoricRank Oliver Hangschlitt -1.426
New Negatives2006-03-26 08:00:05
GPLRank Gull -2.363
  Karel Marciniszyn -0.094
  Jörg Kunz -0.187
ASRG GPLAC2006-03-25 20:10:41
Author: Trevor Forster
Australia's and most likely one of the Worlds Premier Online GPL Leagues is now open for Sign-Ups for Season 9!! This is where the Aliens and their friends from Down-under (Australia and its surrounds) further refine their skills against each other in 1967 Grand Prix Events. Prizeware such as Trophies and Medals await the lucky participants. Series starts on the 6th April, a multiple division structure is in place so no one misses out! See http://www.asrg.org/gpl/gplac/ for more details.

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New Negatives2006-03-25 08:00:06
GPLRank Snelly Fox -1.038
New Negatives2006-03-24 08:00:06
Monster of GPL65v2Rank Gigi-gianfry -104.306
New World Records2006-03-23 09:00:00
Brands Hatch 1967 Brabham BT7 (65) Blood 1:35.614 (-0.765)
  Cooper (65) Blood 1:35.597 (-0.545)
New Negatives2006-03-23 08:00:06
GPLRank John Woods -7.762
  Nick Smith (1974) -0.87
ChallengeRank Mike Ziehbauer -0.851
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