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New World Records2006-03-07 09:00:00
Adelaide 1985 BRM (65) Davide Marriglio 1:31.688 (-0.259)
Brands Hatch 1967 Cooper (65) Pascal Auger 1:36.142 (-1.497)
Crystal Palace BRM (65) Sebastian Fischer 0:52.206
Mont Tremblant, St Jovite Lotus (65) Michele Sprovieri 1:40.453 (-0.526)
NASSGPL2006-03-06 22:03:09
Author: Anthony Brooks
NASSGPL is currently in its 16th season. We have been racing since November 2000 as a league. We run on Sundays with practice starting at 7:20PM Eastern time (US) (4:20PM PST) on the NASS server, which will appear on IGOR or VROC. Currently running the 65 mod.

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New Negatives2006-03-06 08:00:06
GPLRank frederic simian -1.674
New Negatives2006-03-04 08:00:06
GPLRank erwan queffeleant -51.44
ChallengeRank Hans-Peter Ehrhardt -0.993
ASRG GPLAC2006-03-03 16:16:25
Author: Trevor Forster
Australia's and most likely one of the Worlds Premier Online GPL Leagues is now open for Sign-Ups for Season 9!! This is where the Aliens and their friends from Down-under (Australia and its surrounds) further refine their skills against each other in 1967 Grand Prix Events. Prizeware such as Trophies and Medals await the lucky participants. Series starts on the 6th April, a multiple division structure is in place so no one misses out! See http://www.asrg.org/gpl/gplac/ for more details.

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New Negatives2006-03-01 08:00:05
GPLRank saxon mccallister -23.045
New Negatives2006-02-28 08:00:06
GPLRank Greg Stewart -103.06
  Vadim Avvakumov -1.264
European Online Challenge2006-02-28 06:32:46
Author: Christian Kolnhofer
Lots of new racers joined the EOLC lately. Unfortunately, not all of them used their real name for registration but applied using a nick name. Registration using your real name is one of the basic prerequisites for EOLC membership. Please note that applicants using nick names will not be accepted! --- Viele Neuzugänge konnten wir in der letzten Zeit begrüßen. In der EOLC ist der richtige Name Grundvoraussetzung für eine Teilnahme. Nick-Namen können leider nicht akzeptiert werden!

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New Negatives2006-02-27 08:00:06
GPLRank stefania cordiski -94.175
  Pete Gaimari -41.825
  John Anderson -2.139
Monster of GPLRank stefania cordiski -530.969
New Negatives2006-02-26 08:00:05
GPLRank Roberto Baldassarri -86.926
  Henry Benson -4.747
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