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New Negatives2006-02-25 08:00:06
GPLRank Luca Stefanoni -0.326
Monster of ChallengeRank Jacques Bossy -2.051
New Negatives2006-02-24 08:00:06
ChallengeRank Kees de Ligt -0.468
New World Records2006-02-23 09:00:00
Falkenbergs Motorbana 2002 Lotus (65) Rui Carneiro 65 0:42.272 (-0.071)
Monaco 1967 BRM Fredy Eugster 1:24.762 (-0.012)
Mosport Park 1967 Brabham Oliver Reinhold 1:19.476 (-0.014)
  BRM Oliver Reinhold 1:20.350 (-0.025)
  Cooper Oliver Reinhold 1:19.890 (-0.191)
New Negatives2006-02-23 08:00:06
GPL65Rank Zack Speed -20.553
New Negatives2006-02-22 08:00:05
GPL65Rank Gigi-gianfry -17.03
European Online Challenge2006-02-21 11:34:28
Author: Christian Kolnhofer
The EOLC Challenge series continues with its third race at Monza on February, 26. Joining our league is still possible at any time during the season. Meet us at www.eolc.de, the VROC chat room "EOLC" or on one of our four VROC race servers. Everyone is welcome, an international driver field awaits you!

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New Negatives2006-02-21 08:00:05
GPLRank Reinhard Kastenberger -17.388
New Negatives2006-02-20 08:00:05
GPLRank Iain Chalmers -6.604
  Otavio Silveira (keys) -0.621
  Walter Steiner -6.279
GPL65v2Rank Gigi-gianfry -11.951
New Negatives2006-02-19 08:00:06
GPLRank Posta JŠnos -0.402
NASSGPL2006-02-19 06:16:30
Author: Anthony Brooks
NASSGPL is currently in its 16th season. We have been racing since November 2000 as a league. We run on Sundays with practice starting at 7:20PM Eastern time (US) (4:20PM PST) on the NASS server, which will appear on IGOR or VROC. Currently running the 65 mod.

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