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New Negatives2006-02-18 08:00:06
Monster of GPLRank Caspar de Jonge -0.588
  stefania cordiski -530.997
  jhuan deng -532.324
ChallengeRank Patrick Zeller -16719.638
GPL65v2Rank Stefan Schmidt -0.204
New Negatives2006-02-17 08:00:05
GPLRank jhuan deng -93.53
GPL65Rank Pascal Auger -0.332
New Negatives2006-02-16 08:00:06
GPLRank stefania cordiski -69.654
  goofy -89.641
New Negatives2006-02-14 08:00:05
Monster of GPLRank Patrick Zeller -0.285
New Negatives2006-02-13 08:00:05
GPLRank Ruraidh -4.568
New Negatives2006-02-12 08:00:06
GPLRank Nullpo -2.826
  Gary Poon -9.812
  Simon_G -0.108
  Luca Panella -0.134
Monster of GPLRank Richard Dickson -84.446
New Negatives2006-02-11 08:00:05
GPLRank Gez -1.746
  Olivier Puissant -0.559
New World Records2006-02-10 09:00:00
Mosport Park 1967 BRM Fredy Eugster 1:20.375 (-0.015)
  Cooper Fredy Eugster 1:20.081 (-0.018)
  Ferrari Fredy Eugster 1:18.984 (-0.074)
  Honda Fredy Eugster 1:20.070 (-0.108)
New Negatives2006-02-10 08:00:05
ChallengeRank Keir Thomas -17.049
European Online Challenge2006-02-10 00:37:52
Author: Christian Kolnhofer
The Ironman Cup is ready for take-off! Full Grand Prix distance, Shift-R in the pits only and no refuelling allowed: the perfect ingredients for an exciting cup at the Hockenheim 67, Solitude, Lime Rock MC and Albi circuits. The cup starts on February, 12 - everyone is invited to participate, just register with the EOLC forum at www.eolc.de or drop by at the VROC chat room "EOLC". Furthermore, our four public servers are open 24/7.

click here for more info about this league
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