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server relocation woes2005-03-22 11:51:05
Author: ridcully 70clear
The GPLRank moved to a new location and a new server. There where serveral problems with the transition to the new box. We hope they are fixed for now - please report problems when you encounter them to the admins.
Fine example of stick shifting2005-02-28 16:07:39
Author: Ed Hut
A while ago the shift method "H-stick with clutch" was added, so that the 'real men' could be recognized. Now if you want examples of driving with a clutch and stick, have a look at these two video's. These have been around for a while, but there are still people that haven't seen them yet.

Chris O'Brien at Rouen and Chris O'Brien at Silverstone
Several network/power outtakes2005-01-17 04:48:35
Author: ridcully 70clear
There where several outtakes of the network connection and the power over the weekend. After that there where some trouble with the database. This should be fixed by now and the situation should be stable.
PHP issues are fixed (we think!)2004-12-25 17:37:29
Author: Ed Hut
After several days of downtime we finally managed to get GPLRank fully up and running again.
More PHP issues2004-12-25 17:30:53
Author: Ed Hut
GPLRank is currently not functioning correctly due to some issues that arose during a PHP upgrade. At the time of this writing, selecting a menu option results in the error "Unknown or unimplemented request "n""

Please watch this space for updates about the issues.
Error messages due to PHP upgrade2004-12-17 05:59:49
Author: Ed Hut
After an upgrade of the PHP version that we use for GPLRank, an error message is shown when you first access the website and select a menu option. After that first error you can just try to select the option again and everything is well (at least, as far as I know).

I think I know what is happening, but it'll take some time to fix it properly. Till then, sorry for the inconvenience.
New shift method - H-stick with clutch2004-12-12 08:45:14
Author: Ed Hut
On request of several drivers, a new value for shift-method is added: H-stick with clutch.

This value is added to differentiate drivers that do real shifting with a clutch, probably including heel-and-toe action to blip the throttle when shifting down the gears, from drivers that use a stick with automatic clutch.

I've been told that the heel-and-toe drivers prefer to be called 'men', whereas the auto-clutching drivers should be called 'boys'. Being a paddle shifter myself, I guess they would call me a baby...
GPL65Rank version 2 is on2004-10-23 15:31:17
Author: Ed Hut
The wait is over, version 2 of GPL65Rank has just gone live. The benchmark time for Clermont Ferrant 65 is set at 3:22.238. Next update of this rank will be if (or should I say when) the 65-version of the Nurburgring is released.
Database maintenance2004-10-19 16:41:24
Author: Ed Hut
Earlier today (October 19) the database ran into trouble and messed up some of the indexes. Because of this, uploading laptimes resulted in 'duplicate key' error for the laptime history. The laptimes themselves have been stored, but the handicaps weren't recalculated.

I have done a full recalculation of all handicaps. There were close to 100 handicaps that were updated by this recalc.
Even more criteria in MCH !!!2004-09-18 08:01:25
Author: Ed Hut
Multiple Choice Hell has been enhanced with even more selection criteria. You can now also choose shift method and brake method. Furthermore, the buddy selection is now extended so that you can also select drivers of the leagues that you are part of.

Of course these extra criteria will only be usefull if as many drivers as possible enter these fields in the account information, so everybody is hereby invited to do so with the edit account option.

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