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GPLrank downtime2004-09-13 13:51:54
Author: Brian Wong
I'm going to have to take down the server today at about 3:30 PM Eastern time, possibly for the rest of the day. We should be back on the air late tonight.
GPL65Rank is here!2004-06-04 18:33:02
Author: Ed Hut
The first version of 65Rank is here! Note that it is a 'first version' because there are changes foreseen. For example the Nurburgring didn't have the chicane just before the start/finish line in 1965. When a version without a chicane is released it will replace the 1967 version in the GPL65Rank.

In addition, a very much-awaited track is GPLEA's Clermont Ferrand, which has been in development for a long time (I can assure you that the project is still alive and work on is still ongoing). For now, GPL65Rank will include Charade Clermont-Ferrand 1970. In an earlier announcement we wrote that we would start without Clermont, but we think that the 1970 version of Gilles Sauthon should keep you busy for a while and according to the ratings in the GPL Track Database the Charade 1970 is pretty good.

Congratulations to Welf Mandelkow for being the first driver to top the GPL65Rank!
Support of GPLRank for GPL652004-04-29 05:00:45
Author: Ed Hut
Here's some essential info about the support of GPL65 by GPLRank.

Uploading laptimes
There are two ways to upload your laptimes:
  1. Uploading the file "plac65.ini". This is the equivalent of the player.ini file, but for GPL65.
  2. Via GPL Replay Analyser. Since version 7.5 of GPLRA there is support for GPL65. In the PB viewer you have to choose the version of GPL. After refreshing the laptimes you can use the Upload to GPLRank button.
Introduction of 65Rank
We will introduce a 65Rank soon, but before we do we will collect laptime data of the times that are uploaded by GPLRank users. We expect this to take a few weeks, depending on the number of laptimes that are uploaded. We need sufficient data to perform analysis and determine the benchmark times, so please upload your laptimes and don't stick to just one or two tracks.

The rank will consist of all tracks on which the real 1965 F1 season was run. When compared to the original GPLRank, that means that Kyalami is replaced by East London, Clermont-Ferrand instead of Rouen and Mosport will not be in it. Clermont Ferrand is still under development, so initially that track will not be part of the 65Rank. We will add it once it is released. We know that there is a 65-version (without the chicane) of the Nurburgring in development, but we will start with the 1967 version of The Ring (unless the 65-version is released before we introduce the 65Rank).
We may introduce more ranks in the future, but nothing has been decided yet.

Big Brother
Several dedicated GPL servers automatically submit laptime data for GPLRank Big Brother. At this moment it is not yet possible to identify for which GPL-version the data is being uploaded to GPLRank, so we cannot register any 65-times to the proper chassis. However, this will be possible in the near future. We are currently working on support for it and will announce it when it is available.

If you have questions or remarks, please post them in the GPLRank forum of RaceSimCentral. That way other people can follow the discussion and the GPLRank admins don't have to answer the same questions more than once.
Major enhancements to Show Buddy Activity2004-03-15 18:09:04
Author: Ed Hut
For those of you that want to keep an even closer eye on buddies and fellow league racers, the Show Buddy Activity page has become even more useful. From now on it doesn't only show handicap updates, but laptime updates per track as well. You can now also filter on active buddies only.

Because the gathering of all that data is quite intensive, the page will show as much data as it can gather in about 12 seconds. If not all your buddies or league members are shown in one go, you can use hyperlinks to navigate through the pages.
Steer method added to MCH2004-02-22 06:43:54
Author: Ed Hut
In Multiple Choice Hell you can now also use the steer method to select laptimes. This has been requested by numerous people, but it was gamepadder ZAR that gave me that final push to implement it!
Back-2-back handicap history2004-01-25 10:08:12
Author: Ed Hut
You can now compare your handicap history with those of other drivers. To do this, select the other driver's history graph. On top of that page is a link to the back-2-back graph.

Another graph enhancement is that the laptime history graph now shows the benchmark time (for tracks that are part of a rank) and the current official world record (only for tracks for which record laps are being reviewed by GPLRank admins). In case of non-F1 laps, the hotlap acceptance benchmark of JC's Hotlap Site is being plotted.
New feature: laptime history2003-12-29 07:30:00
Author: Ed Hut
Since implementing the new ini-processing on 15 September 2003 we have been keeping a history of laptimes and now is the time to start making use of them. The first new feature is that you can now have a look at how your laptime has developed over time. On the rank detail pages the laptimes now have hyperlinks to a history graph of the laptime.

I'm still developing another feature with which you can keep close tabs on your buddies and league members, providing they dare to upload their laptimes of course :-)
Bugfix for GPL Replay Analyzer 7.52003-12-27 09:21:14
Author: Ed Hut
A small bug was discovered in GPL Replay Analyzer 7.5. The bug is that the last laptime of the file that is being uploaded to GPLRank is truncated, meaning a faster laptime was submitted than actually driven. This only happens with GPLRA 7.5 on Win9x and WinME. People running either Win98 or WinME should get this version 7.51 if they use GPLRA to upload times to GPLRank, either direct via GPLRA or via the GPLLaptimes.ini file. WinXP and Win2k-users does not have to upgrade.

After upgrading, just resubmit your times and GPLRank will store the newly uploaded laptime.
Small enhancement of 107% page2003-12-16 18:18:49
Author: Ed Hut
In the 107% page you can now limit the tracks that will be displayed to just one specific rank. Somebody suggested this enhancement a while ago. I don't remember who it was (I don't archive all my email), but thanks to whoever it was!
Upload of replays back in the air2003-12-14 07:28:24
Author: Ed Hut
The feature to upload hotlaps has been redesigned and has been put back on the air.

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