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Don Scurlock passes away2008-07-15 14:51:33
Author: Uwe Schürkamp
With great sadness we received news on July 10th that Don "DonS" Scurlock, long time Screamers member, Rank mastermind & Admin, friend and racing buddy was killed in a motorcycle accident on Tuesday, July 8th, 2008.

As one of the most senior members of our little racing tribe, he will be sorely missed by all who got to know this gentleman on and off the race track, on teamspeak, on the mailing list or in personal communication.

Our thoughts are with his spouse Alison and their family.

Godspeed Don.

A condolence thread initiated by Bo Bruce is at RSC

System upgrades and errors...2008-05-15 17:05:37
Author: Ed Hut
Earlier this week, the GPLRank server was upgraded to a new database version. Unfortunately, this has resulted in some broken pages in various features of GPLRank. It took some time to find the solution for these errors. We know what to do to get it all working again, but it will take some time to implement the necessary changes.

Broken pages known so far:
  • World Record Page (fixed May 8th)
  • XML Queries for other websites (fixed May 8th)
  • 107% Page (fixed May 8th)
  • Big Brother Pickup Race queries (fixed May 11th)
  • League Central - My Leagues page (fixed May 13th)
  • Generate .ini file (fixed May 13th)
  • Upload Replay (fixed May 13th)
  • League Central - League Administration, Division administration (fixed May 15th)
I will post updates to this message to report the progress.
Too many ranks?2008-03-13 17:49:21
Author: Ed Hut
With all the ranks that have been added over the years, and requests for even more coming in, it was about time to make it possible to hide all the rank details for those you're not interested in. It is now possible to do just that.
Also, GPLRank will remember your settings, so the next time around you don't have to hide all those details again.

One note: to store the settings, GPLRank uses a technique called AJAX. I won't explain the details here, but I do know that some firewalls and browser security settings do not allow AJAX, in which case an error message will be given.
GPL66Rank now live2008-04-27 16:08:10
Author: Ed Hut
The rank for the GPL66 mod has just gone live. It consists of the Championship track of the 1966 F1 season. The benchmark times are the real-life pole times, with the exception of Nürburgring, Monza and Brands Hatch. For those three, the benchmark is set at 101.5% of the real-life pole. Of course, there's also a 69 Totalrank.

Enjoy the new ranks!
Support for 1966 mod2007-12-27 16:20:43
Author: Ed Hut
It is now possible to upload your 1966 laptimes. Obviously there is no 1966Rank yet. That will come later when there's a bunch of laptimes to analyse to determine proper benchmark times.

Note: it is not yet possible to upload GPLRA race reports to GPLRank, because I don't have all the necessary information yet.
No support for the 1966 mod (yet!)2007-12-26 17:17:39
Author: Ed Hut
I am sorry to announce that GPLRank doesn't support the 1966 mod yet. This is because the mod uses car identifiers that are longer than the 3 characters the original GPL uses. GPLRank needs to be enhanced to handle this. As soon as this is done, it will be announced here.
GPL69Rank gone live2007-05-12 17:51:45
Author: Ed Hut
The GPL69Rank has just gone live, using the pole times of the real 1969 season as benchmark times. Initially there are only 20 people with a handicap, 8 of which are negative. Now let's see how many people will start achieving a handicap as well. Good luck all!
Still going strong2007-04-04 09:43:44
Author: Ed Hut
Although this message area is not being updated that often, it doesn't mean that the GPLRank admins are retired. We still maintain the site and take actions when necessary. For questions about GPLRank, don't hesitate to contact us.
Track data from Alternative GPL Tracks Database2006-06-15 17:20:31
Author: Ed Hut
Since earlier this week GPLRank receives its track data from the alternative GPL Tracks Database. This will mean quite a lot of work for those that try to maintain their TotalRank :-)
Issues caused by 1969 mod2006-02-23 16:11:30
Author: Ed Hut
As you know GPLRank accepts laptimes for the 1969 mod that was released at the end of 2005. Unfortunately we notice that there are laptimes that were driven with the 1969 mod as being laps of the original 1967 GPL version. We are aware that due to a bug in GEM2+, not all 1969 mods are properly patched, which causes the ini-files to be generated to be incorrect.

Therefore, please check if you 1969 version writes the laptimes to the file pla69w.ini file. This file is the equivalent of the player.ini of the original GPL version. Also, please check that in the pla69w.ini file, the line that starts with "CarNumber = " has a comment that reads "Carset (gpl69f1)". If it reads "Preferred car number" then your 1969 version of GPL is incorrect and your laptimes will be recorded by GPLRank as being 1967 ones.

Replays for World Record verification
Related to the issue with the 1969 mod, more people than you would believe are uploading replays for laptimes that were set with the 1969 mod. Please note that we do not yet verify laptimes of the 1969 mod. So please do not upload replays of 1969 laps.

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