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Laptimes for GPL 1969 now supported2005-12-31 11:07:55
Author: Ed Hut
After the essential patch for the 69-mod was released GPLRank could be configured to accept laptimes for the 1969 patch.

If you don't have the patch yet, have a look at this RSC article.
69 Mod (update)2005-12-20 00:33:32
Author: Ed Hut
Before we get flooded with the "Will GPLRank support the 69-Mod?" question, the answer to that is "YES WE WILL".

UPDATE: for correct processing of laptimes of the 69-mod, Gem+ needs to make an update so that the ini-file contains an identification of the 69-mod (if you look in the plac65.ini that the 65-mod creates, look for the comment after the 'carnumber' value. This reads "Carset (gpl65f1)"). Unfortunately this has been forgotten in the initial release for the 69-mod, so an update is necessary. We are waiting for that update.
Login problem fixed2005-11-30 14:17:48
Author: Ed Hut
The login difficulties that GPLRank has experienced the past days have been resolved. You can now login properly again without having to tick the "Remember name & password" checkbox.
Login problem2005-11-30 08:29:34
Author: Ed Hut
We are currently experiencing a problem with the login to GPLRank when the user does not tick the "Remember name & password". This is probably due to some software upgrades that we have done recently, but till today we have not yet been able to find the cause and resolve the issue.

A work around is to tick the "Remember name & password" checkbox when logging in.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
Recruitment of replay reviewers2005-09-01 06:46:04
Author: Ed Hut
There's no need to respond to the recruitment message anymore. We have received quite a few responses and are now busy processing them. If you have responded you can expect to be contacted shortly.
Replay reviewer(s) wanted2005-08-25 15:48:46
Author: Ed Hut
You might have noticed that the frequency with which new world records are posted on the front page of GPLRank has dropped quite a bit the past couple of months. Primary reason for this is that the current reviewers are doing this for several years now and are getting a bit tired.

So, we are looking for people that are willing to join the reviewing team and take some of the burden off the shoulders of the existing team.

If you are interested, then please drop me a line at edhut_amsterdam@yahoo.com.
New admin email address for GPLRank2005-08-10 03:43:48
Author: Ed Hut
I'm rather late with this announcement, simply because I forgot that the move to a new server for GPLRank, plus a new domain (gplrank.info) also meant that we had a new email address for the admins as well.

The new address is gplrank@gplrank.info. The old address (gplrank@blw.net) has not been working for some time now, so if you have sent a message to us without ever getting a response, then please give it another try.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
GPLRank featured in AutoSimSport2005-05-26 11:10:33
Author: Ed Hut
An interview with Brian and Ed is published in this month's issue of AutoSimSport.

This magazine is a must-read for every true autosimmer.
Everything running smoothly now?2005-04-10 13:00:43
Author: Ed Hut
As far as we can tell, all should be fine with the new server (yes, it took a while...).

In case you find another one, please let us know.
server relocation woes (part 2)2005-03-30 16:20:56
Author: Ed Hut
A bug has been detected that caused all laptimes that are uploaded via GPL Replay Analyser to be attributed to a guy named Tuomas Juupaluoma. This has to do with the configuration of the new server. While we're fixing this, I've disabled the GPLRA uploads.

Till further notice, please use the "generate ini-file" option in GPLRA and upload the ini-file via the GPLRank website.

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