League Central - Frequently Asked Questions

What is League Central?

League Central can be used to administer sim racing leagues.

What is Big Brother?

Big Brother is the ideal companion for league in case you can practice on server that supplies laptimes to Big Brother. For more information Big Brother please see the Big Brother FAQ.

Can I still use the original League Central?

You can still use the original League Central, but of course we hope the new League Central will prove to be more useful for league administrators and league participants, making the old and rather limited league central obsolete. Time will tell.

How does it work?

The structure of leagues consists of three levels: league -> season -> division.

The highest level is the league. League admins can add a league, assign co-admins and add drivers to the league.

One level below that is the season level. Most of the leagues that we know of are already in the 2nd or later season. On the season level you can define the races your league will run in that season. These races do not include the dates and lengths. Those details are added on the division level.
Also on the season level the rules for points scoring are defined. We currently support several point calculation rules that can be 'stacked' to get the desired result, for example there is a rule to score points based on practice results (e.g. pole sitter gets 1 extra point), a rule for finishing positions, etcetera.
If you think you need extra rules to support your particular league, just drop us a line at gplrank@blw.net and we'll see if we can add your rule(s).

We added a division level to support the bigger leagues that are running multiple divisions. Depending on the league, those divisions run on different times and may also run various race lengths (for example when a pro division runs more laps than the lites division).

What if I only want to be listed in the League Ranking?

To get listed you need to define one league, one season and one or more divisions. Next you must add the drivers to your league and assign them to divisions. That's all! You don't have to define races or point scoring rules.

Note that the ranking uses the divisions of leagues. This is because in the original league central the bigger leagues were at a disadvantage because the 'lower' divisions naturally have drivers with a lower rank. By using a rank for each division a better comparison is possible.

Which browser version should I use?

While developing we test with Internet Explorer, Netscape and Opera. We don't have every version of these three to test compatibility, so please bear with us. We are aware that Netscape 4.7x has problems displaying Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) properly, which causes some messed up page layouts.

To-do list

The following changes to League Central are on our to-do list. This list is only intended to give some insight into our plans for future developments. When and how we will implement these feature is fully dependend on the amount of time and inspiration available to the development team (i.e. no guarantees!).
  • Implement team standings within a division
  • Implement country standings within a division
  • Add option to show/not show already ended leagues and seasons on the "all active leagues" page and "my leagues" page.

What if I have a question that is not in this FAQ?

That's simple. Drop us a line at gplrank@blw.net with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use this address for suggestions to improve the site.