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Fixing GPLRank on new server2020-05-20 15:16:28
Author: Ed Hut
Here's a brief status update as a regular admin message (instead of the hacky one).

Several fixes have been implemented, including this admin message. Yeah!
  1. Handicap calculation contained a few bugs that caused incomplete processing of all uploaded times. That is fixed and I ran a full recalc of all handicaps.
  2. The front page messages were not generated anymore. After the recalculation, I ran the new-negatives messages and we have a few new negatives in the past month! Congratulations to all.
  3. The handicap history graph, including back2back and chassis handicaps are working again. Still to do is the graph for the self service page.
  4. The Self Service to delete warp laptimes is working again.
  5. The statistics of handicaps and laptimes is fixed.
There's still quite a lot to do, so watch this space!

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