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GPL Rank for 1955 is live2017-05-19 14:22:09
Author: Ed Hut
Maybe it's the mod that was the longest in the making of them all, but finally it has arrived and as of today honored with a rank in GPLRank: GPL55 Rank !!!

Thanks to Urban again for providing the info and keeling me informed of this new development.
CanAm 1966 laptimes now accepted2016-04-11 16:09:10
Author: Ed Hut
It's been a long time since I posted an update, but after a long wait the CanAm 1966 mod has arrived! The mod has been defined in GPLRank and uploading lap times should now work.

A rank for this mod will be defined within a couple of days.
71 CanAmRank is now live2012-10-03 15:39:54
Author: Ed Hut
GPLRank now list a 71CanAmRank with a number of tracks. Donnybrooke is still missing and will be added if and when it comes available. Watkins Glen is the 1967 version (GPL original) and not the 71 version, because that version is not correct in layout and also not very good to actually drive on. The benchmarks are the pole times as driven in 1971.

Thanks to Urban for providing the info and congrats to Sven Vangent for being the first driver to achieve a ranking.
New ranks for F2 and 69X2012-03-20 16:53:41
Author: Ed Hut
After a bit of a wait, a rather too long one might say, I have added to new ranks to GPLRank.

For 69X, the rank is the same as the original 69Rank.

For F2, the poletimes of the 1967 F2 races are used. Unfortunately, the Nurburgring Sudschleife is not available yet for GPL, so I left that one out. This may be a pity, but on the other hand, achieving a F2Rank is a bit easier as well. Congrats to Sven Vangent for being the first driver to achieve a negative handicap for the F2 rank.
Support for GPLF2 and GPL69X (and Oval rank!)2012-01-23 16:40:09
Author: Ed Hut
After a long, long wait, GPLRank finally supports two important mods of 2011.

The two new supported mods are GPL67 F2 and GPL69 eXtra.

And upon special request, I recently added a new rank specifically for ovals.
New feature for Track Promotion2011-11-14 16:07:46
Author: Ed Hut
The new track promotion feature is very much under development still, but one feature that was on my list as of day one when I decided to develop a new track promotion was a graphical representation of the results. A first version of this is now up and running. You cannot page forward and backwards, and the performance of drawing the chart is too low at the moment, but I'm working on improving that.

Update June 25: Now there's also a chart for the laptimes, so you can see improvements in laptimes as well, plus of course get an instant view on how much you much progress to pass the driver ahead of you.

Update November 14: Recently I discovered that the Track Promo page did work correctly with Internet Explorer (this is not a browser that I use regularly, so the discovery of the bugs was quite late). I have fixed it today, so that the toggling between the 'position' and 'laptime' view of the chart now works, plus the paging from drivers 1..10, 11..20, etc works as designed. Sill to do is the fixing of style sheets, because some parts of the page are rather ugly at the moment.
First version of renewed Track Promotion live2011-04-06 12:33:22
Author: Ed Hut
I just put a first version of a renewed track promotion feature online. The purpose is to hold competitions for tracks that are not as well known by many drivers. The idea is that by introducing the element of competition, people are compelled to start setting laptimes on the track.

Every six hours a fresh leaderboard is generated from the laptimes that are uploaded. Only new laptimes are considered, so any laptime that you already have at the track are ignored. And also, if you already have an older laptime, in order to get your laptime picked up it needs to be quicker than your old laptime (that's because I pull them from the laptimes history table)

Mind you, this version is very bare bones and I have much more features to add, but I have a serious lack of time to actually implement it as quickly as I want!

Please give it a spin and give me some feedback if you like in the following thread on SRMZ
Support for the 1967 Sports Car mod2010-11-12 13:59:40
Author: Ed Hut
The awesome 1967 Sports Car mod has been released and of course GPLRank will support it. Next to storing your laptimes, the GT 67 Rank has been defined and I wonder how long it takes before the first driver goes sub-zero on the rank with the longest track in it: Targa Florio (benchmark laptime 37 minutes and 9 seconds).

In case you have missed the release, you can get the mod HERE.
Power outages2010-08-07 04:58:29
Author: Uwe Schürkamp
Hi folks,

due to some recent power failures that lasted a couple of hours, we've had to clear the session table in gplranks's database, so you may have to log in again once you visit this site and try to upload stuff.

Sorry for the inconvenience & enjoy the ranks,


The worlds oldest GPLer, Part II 2009-05-09 10:07:59
Author: Uwe Schürkamp
David Fletcher wrote in to let us know that good old Carlos might not actually be the world's oldest GPLer: A good racing buddy of his from Brisbane Australia named Monte Smith (born August 1927) might actually run away with it.

If that wasn't enough credit, we have photographic proof of good Monte racing no other than Sir Jack Brabham himself in a Midget Club race. Beat that, and now get off our collective lawns ;-)

PS: Monte may not be the oldest active *GPLRank* driver, we think this title still goes to Carlos hailing from Brazil!

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