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Support for the 1967 Sport Cars eXtra mod2023-12-30 17:21:52
Author: José Luis López Nieto
We are very happy to announce that GPLRank can handle SCX mod laptimes now. A 67SC rank has been added too. Its benchmarks are based on the fastest laps registered during that year.

This update includes other changes and improvements:

- Few bugfixes (a more detailed listing is yet to be published)

- New tracks: B&Wwerk & Suzuka 2000

- New functionality to enhance the data visualization or to exclude tracks from a particular TotalRank (e.g., Thunder Cars)

- Menu changes to simplify some of the options recently added

For more information, please click here.

Enjoy GPLRank!

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New Negatives2024-04-17 08:00:04
Monster of GPLRank David Cheshire -2.423
New World Records2024-04-01 09:00:01
Laguna Seca 1967 Huffaker Genie Mk. 10 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:07.283 (-0.128)
  Lola T70 Mk. II Ford 305 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:05.707 (-0.116)
  Lola T70 Mk. II Ford 427 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:06.352 (-0.193)
  McLaren M1B Chev 333 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:06.647 (-0.162)
  McLaren M1B Chev 361 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:05.612 (-0.372)
New World Records2024-03-30 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Chaparral Mk2D (SC) Paul McAdam 1:31.659
Daytona Road Course (1967) 1967 Alfa Romeo T33 (SC) Urban G Alsenmyr 1:51.922
  Chaparral Mk2F (SC) Paul McAdam 1:44.377
Laguna Seca 1967 McLaren M1A (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:06.954 (-0.356)
  McLaren M1B Ford 289 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:06.966 (-0.268)
Monza 1000k 1967 Chaparral Mk2D (SC) Paul McAdam 2:44.577
  Chaparral Mk2F (SC) Paul McAdam 2:43.999
  Ferrari 330/P4 (SC) Paul McAdam 2:46.864
New Negatives2024-03-30 08:00:04
SC 67Rank Bjørn Finnestad -129.536
New World Records2024-03-28 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Alfa Romeo T33 (SC) Paul McAdam 1:32.476
  Chaparral Mk2F (SC) Paul McAdam 1:29.215
  Ferrari 330/P4 (SC) Paul McAdam 1:31.772
  Ford GT40 Mk2B (SC) Paul McAdam 1:33.039
  Mirage M1 (SC) Paul McAdam 1:33.324
  Porsche 910 (SC) Paul McAdam 1:32.125
New World Records2024-03-24 09:00:01
Sebring International Raceway 1967 Alfa Romeo T33 (SC) Paul McAdam 2:41.594
  Chaparral Mk2F (SC) Paul McAdam 2:33.941
Spa Circuit National de Francorchamps 67 Alfa Romeo T33 (SC) Paul McAdam 3:34.956
New World Records2024-02-15 09:00:01
Le Mans Sarthe 1967 Ford GT40 Mk4 (SC) Urban G Alsenmyr 3:17.254
New Negatives2024-01-28 08:00:04
Monster of GPL65v2Rank Yannick Verheijen -22.926
New Negatives2024-01-23 08:00:03
GPL55Rank Jonathan Stiener -6.424
SC 67Rank Tristan Bot -231.92
New Negatives2024-01-21 08:00:03
SC 67Rank Urban G Alsenmyr -203.566
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