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Support for the 1967 Sport Cars eXtra mod2023-12-30 17:21:52
Author: José Luis López Nieto
We are very happy to announce that GPLRank can handle SCX mod laptimes now. A 67SC rank has been added too. Its benchmarks are based on the fastest laps registered during that year.

This update includes other changes and improvements:

- Few bugfixes (a more detailed listing is yet to be published)

- New tracks: B&Wwerk & Suzuka 2000

- New functionality to enhance the data visualization or to exclude tracks from a particular TotalRank (e.g., Thunder Cars)

- Menu changes to simplify some of the options recently added

For more information, please click here.

Enjoy GPLRank!

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New Negatives2024-07-09 08:00:03
GPL55Rank Quentin Chauviteau -10.197
New Negatives2024-06-30 08:00:03
Monster of SC 67Rank Paul McAdam -2860.634
New Negatives2024-06-18 08:00:03
GPL55Rank Fabian Casula -6.951
New Negatives2024-05-20 08:00:03
HistoricRank Raoni Frizzo (keys) -1.686
New World Records2024-05-10 09:00:01
Targa Florio 1967 Porsche 910 (SC) Paul McAdam 32:33.603
New World Records2024-05-07 09:00:01
Kyalami 1967 Cooper T81 Maserati Marcos Mirande 1:21.143
New World Records2024-05-06 09:00:01
Targa Florio 1967 Alfa Romeo T33 (SC) Paul McAdam 32:37.103
New Negatives2024-04-24 08:00:03
1967F2 Rank Axel Koch -0.982
New World Records2024-04-21 09:00:02
Laguna Seca 1967 Lola T70 Mk. II Chev 333 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:06.270 (-0.259)
  Lola T70 Mk. II Chev 359 (66 CA) Paul McAdam 1:05.651 (-0.191)
New Negatives2024-04-17 08:00:04
Monster of GPLRank David Cheshire -2.423
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