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New Negatives2005-04-28 08:00:05
GPL65Rank Joe Ward -0.856
New Negatives2005-04-27 08:00:04
GPLRank Tomono Mizugami -21.839
  Scott Neville -6.608
Monster of GPLRank Stephane Goujon -1.273
Monster of MunchausenRank Blood -328.383
GB GPL Novice League season 32005-04-26 10:38:25
Author: Peter Stenning
GB GPL Novice league is recruiting for season 3 which will start around July time. Free chassis choice but extra points if you take all 7 chassis and free shift r s. 10 to 12 rounds scores to count less 2. We run on Thursday nights every 2 weeks starting at 8.00pm GMT OR BST depending on the time of year.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2005-04-26 08:00:05
GPL65Rank Andy Ingram F1 -0.601
New Negatives2005-04-25 08:00:05
MunchausenRank Juha Santala -3.992
GPL65Rank Paulo Stella -0.49
New Negatives2005-04-24 08:00:07
GPLRank Garrett Griffin -4.821
  [QGPL] Yvon Faubert -12.506
New Negatives2005-04-22 08:00:05
GPLRank Stuart Knibbs -0.053
MunchausenRank Blood -58.507
Monster of GPL65v2Rank Guillaume Nachin -55.605
New Negatives2005-04-21 08:00:05
HistoricRank Ferdinand Schulze -0.667
New Negatives2005-04-20 08:00:05
GPLRank Mark Hughes -4.179
New Negatives2005-04-19 08:00:05
GPLRank Sergei -6.602
GPL65Rank Michel Baudrit -11.968
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