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New Negatives2005-02-18 08:00:16
GPLRank Niels Ellerup Pedersen -0.039
New Negatives2005-02-16 08:00:16
GPLRank Jos -4.67
New Negatives2005-02-15 08:00:17
GPLRank Niko Tuomola -14.382
Monster of GPLRank Alain Rochette -0.115
New Negatives2005-02-13 08:00:17
HistoricRank Mika Mannonen -21.9
  Juha Kinnunen -0.705
GPL65v2Rank william terror -0.403
New Negatives2005-02-12 08:00:17
GPLRank Andrew Livingston -1.559
Monster of GPLRank jacob_spring -5.031
HistoricRank Sami Seppänen -12.787
MunchausenRank Reco Bre -29.245
New World Records2005-02-11 09:00:00
East London 1967 BRM Jops Siffert 1:21.630 (-0.364)
  Cooper Jops Siffert 1:21.236 (-0.052)
  Honda Jops Siffert 1:21.494 (-0.078)
Mont Tremblant, St Jovite BRM (65) Claus Egelund 1:45.512 (-0.230)
New Negatives2005-02-11 08:00:15
GPLRank Martin Gilmour -1.241
New Negatives2005-02-10 08:00:16
GPL65v2Rank Peter Thorwaldsson -0.9
Gone Gold GPL Historic Rank League2005-02-10 00:14:47
Author: Timothy Maynard
The first race of the Gone Gold Historic Rank League will be this Saturday Morning(2/12) at Adelaide. The server will launch at 9:00am US EST for an hour of practice/qualifying and at 10:00am the race will start. Join the league if you want to participate and to receive the server info!!!!

click here for more info about this league
oAo & AoA2005-02-09 22:29:51
Author: Bo Bruce
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