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New World Records2005-01-18 09:00:01
East London 1967 Cooper (65) Frank Neubauer 1:25.735 (-0.155)
Kyalami 1967 BRM Oliver Reinhold 1:19.115 (-0.261)
Willow Springs Brabham BT7 (65) Davide Marriglio 1:23.031
  Cooper (65) Davide Marriglio 1:22.094
  Honda (65) Davide Marriglio 1:21.967 (-0.382)
New Negatives2005-01-18 08:00:16
GPLRank Scott Przybylski -103.724
  steve causley -5.34
HistoricRank Lee Harrington -0.091
GPL65v2Rank Anders Östlund -1.559
New Negatives2005-01-17 08:00:16
GPLRank Fred Schneider -20.09
  Yusuke Nakano -26.29
ChallengeRank AMR -0.723
NASS GPL2005-01-16 12:45:28
Author: Anthony Brooks
NASSGPL is currently in its 13th season. We have been racing since November 2000 as a league. We run on Sundays with practice starting at 7:20PM Eastern time (US) (4:20PM PST) on the NASS server, which will appear on IGOR or VROC. Currently running the 65 mod.

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New Negatives2005-01-15 08:00:17
HistoricRank Reco Bre -15.082
New Negatives2005-01-13 08:00:17
HistoricRank Eric Wilson -1.698
GplRacer2005-01-12 10:09:55
Author: Michael Kaulfuss
Gplracer die erste Liga im 65er Mod mit Fahrschule und Rookie-Cup Wir freuen uns auf die nächste Saison und hoffen noch mehr Fahrer für unsere Liga zu begeistern.... Neu 2005 ....Ein 67er Fun - Cup Das nächste Rennen findet in Leipzig statt am 25.1.2005 Rund um das Scheibenholz holzen ähh fahren die GPLRACER ab 20:45 INFO's http://gplracer.de

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New Negatives2005-01-12 08:00:17
GPLRank Bjarne siggaard -31.985
  Svend Seegert -3.409
  Erik Janssens -10.704
  Hans Hellgren -0.018
New Negatives2005-01-11 08:00:18
GPLRank Gary Hope -9.729
  Bill Martin -21.867
  Christof Gietzelt -6.208
Monster of GPLRank Imagine -3.303
  Eivin OG -121.202
GB GPL Novice League season22005-01-10 09:32:52
Author: Peter Stenning
Now taking registrations for the second season of GB GPL Novice League, this League is UK based but i have some drivers from the European continent taking part. 10 race series ,all rounds to count. there will be two classes A) all - ranks plus quick drivers with no rank B) ALL + Rank drivers excepting any one on the A class pace.

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