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New Negatives2003-05-30 08:00:13
GPLRank Carlo Labati -19.241
New Negatives2003-05-29 08:00:13
GPLRank [GAS] HS -0.093
  Adam Guild -0.123
  Leo Haastrecht -4.38
Monster of GPLRank Cordell Nobert -18.35
  Mark Barton -4.288
  Aysedasi -5.167
New Negatives2003-05-28 08:00:12
Monster of GPLRank rudy saenen -12.406
New Negatives2003-05-27 08:00:13
GPLRank Grzegorz Herda -40.569
  Hemlock -1.292
  E-J Palo -42.109
  Karsten Lindlbauer -0.209
  Thomas Zmajic -3.829
ChallengeRank Tommi Rantala -1.607
HistoricRank Tommi Rantala -0.358
New Negatives2003-05-26 08:00:12
GPLRank Laurent Coeffic -0.384
Monster of GPLRank Juho Honkala -1.383
BYGPL2003-05-26 04:03:56
Author: Blito
BYGPL - supported by the UK online Games Service Provider , BLUEYONDER, is open to all european drivers with POSITIVE gplranks. Currently midway through season 2(6 more races to go). We race thursday,9pm UK.

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IICC2003-05-25 18:35:31
Author: Peter Burke
Join us for the 4th year of GPL league racing in a format designed for the serious racer: Long events, long season, classic tracks, and an orientation towards competitive and fair racing. We have several divisions, in which drivers are assigned cars to adjust for the performance spread within the field. The result are exciting battles, where skill and strategy come together to provide classic race experiences. Drivers needed from +25 to -60 GPLrank. Races are Sat,Sun and Mon, 9:30pm Eastern.

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New Negatives2003-05-25 08:00:13
GPLRank Mike Farrar -1.044
  PeterHeine -8.297
  Ben Cornett -5.107
  Jiri Cernovsky -4.719
  Lasse Laurila -0.215
  Tommy Owens -2.988
New Negatives2003-05-24 08:00:13
GPLRank Angelo Rota -4.706
  KovácsZoltán -0.489
  Sandeep Banerjee -0.333
Monster of GPLRank DJF1 -76.679
Monster of ChallengeRank Pasi Nuolikoski -35.893
Lord of the Ring cup2003-05-24 06:52:50
Author: Markus Forsström
The Lord of the Ring cup will be as the name reveals the cup to determine who is the Lord of the Green Hell. In 7 spec. races trough-out the summer of 2003, theese events will be taken place during the weekends. And I hope that we can provide as good racing as possible on this God forgotten track. We´re looking for clean racers, your rank doesnt matter. We´ll have 4 divisions, one Alien, two Pro and one Intermediate.

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