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New Negatives2003-05-24 08:00:13
GPLRank Angelo Rota -4.706
  KovácsZoltán -0.489
  Sandeep Banerjee -0.333
Monster of GPLRank DJF1 -76.679
Monster of ChallengeRank Pasi Nuolikoski -35.893
Lord of the Ring cup2003-05-24 06:52:50
Author: Markus Forsström
The Lord of the Ring cup will be as the name reveals the cup to determine who is the Lord of the Green Hell. In 7 spec. races trough-out the summer of 2003, theese events will be taken place during the weekends. And I hope that we can provide as good racing as possible on this God forgotten track. We´re looking for clean racers, your rank doesnt matter. We´ll have 4 divisions, one Alien, two Pro and one Intermediate.

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Slip Stream Racing League2003-05-23 20:04:32
Author: Dan Spengler
Just some good ole boys..Never meanin' no harm! Just looking to add a few driver in the almost any rank to already existing league. You will coming in late but having some fun. Once in awhile we throw in a fun race or 2. Good Friends...Good Racing. No Flaming allowed!

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New Negatives2003-05-23 08:00:13
GPLRank Edward Keighley -0.968
Monster of GPLRank Frank Steinbach -42.563
ChallengeRank Phil Derrick -0.819
New World Records2003-05-22 09:00:01
Bathurst, Mount Panorama Cooper Uli Landgraf 1:59.789 (-0.156)
Loudon, New England Cooper Pat Widder 0:30.267 (-0.055)
Riverside Ferrari Patrik Gårdewall 1:46.276 (-0.243)
Road 67 Brabham Reno Raines 4:09.149 (-0.972)
  BRM Reno Raines 4:13.274 (-0.336)
  Cooper Reno Raines 4:10.281 (-2.051)
  Eagle Reno Raines 4:06.068 (-1.079)
  Ferrari Reno Raines 4:07.966 (-0.732)
Österreichring (Zeltweg) Lotus Greg Stewart 1:41.501 (-0.074)
New Negatives2003-05-22 08:00:12
GPLRank Marko Räsänen -1.097
New Negatives2003-05-21 08:00:12
GPLRank Oliver Augst -0.635
  Christian Semcesen -1.784
Monster of GPLRank Rolf Farrell -0.449
ChallengeRank Rilla Spinalotti L -0.139
HistoricRank Mikko Hytönen -1.808
MunchausenRank B.Bat -21.904
New Negatives2003-05-20 08:00:13
GPLRank ralf maiph -6.723
MunchausenRank Pasi Hannonen -22.783
New Negatives2003-05-19 08:00:12
GPLRank Per Lundholm -1.231
  fabien lauzet -19.059
  Sebastien -0.239
IICC2003-05-18 12:38:13
Author: Peter Burke
Join us for the 4th year of GPL league racing in a format designed for the serious racer: Long events, long season, classic tracks, and an orientation towards competitive and fair racing. We have several divisions, in which drivers are assigned cars to adjust for the performance spread within the field. The result are exciting battles, where skill and strategy come together to provide classic race experiences. Drivers needed from +25 to -60 GPLrank. Races are Sat,Sun and Mon, 9:30pm Eastern.

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