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New Negatives2004-05-15 08:00:16
GPLRank Vili Toivonen -1.6
  Axel Dorner -21.63
  Christian Michel -7.455
New Negatives2004-05-13 08:00:16
Monster of GPLRank mark pitchford -0.059
New Negatives2004-05-12 08:00:16
GPLRank Dave Grover -0.176
  Pete Harrod -1.856
ChallengeRank Gil Abobeleira -18.051
New Negatives2004-05-11 08:00:17
GPLRank Adrian Dodd -0.284
New Negatives2004-05-10 08:00:17
Monster of GPLRank Kevin Clark -11.978
New Negatives2004-05-09 08:00:16
HistoricRank Torfinn Dahl -1.239
New Negatives2004-05-08 08:00:16
GPLRank Clive Loynes -2.853
Monster of ChallengeRank Finn R. Zachariassen -330.187
GPFun672004-05-06 00:07:12
Author: Luca Varani
GPFun67 has GrandPrix races, at 2145CET on Sunday, on tracks that facilitate online racing. Faster drivers get to drive slower cars with overall composition similar to the real 1967 grids. We use personalized liveries. Everything in Italian but will change if foreign drivers join us. Stats, images and info http://www.stex68.altervista.org/GPfun.htm Forum http://simulcorse.altervista.org/modules.php?name=Forums&file=viewforum&f=25 Drop a message in the forum to join us.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2004-05-05 08:00:16
GPLRank Iñaki Aguado -0.722
New World Records2004-05-04 09:00:02
Rouen-les-Essarts 1967 Brabham Elias Hirvonen 1:53.600 (-0.251)
  Cooper Elias Hirvonen 1:54.735 (-0.235)
  Eagle Elias Hirvonen 1:52.729 (-0.141)
Zandvoort 1967 Eagle Anssi Savolainen 1:22.412 (-0.023)
Österreichring 1970 (Zeltweg) Cooper Jesse Nieminen 1:43.321 (-0.127)
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