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New Negatives2003-05-11 08:00:12
GPLRank Henrique Rosado -4.573
  John Bowles -1.294
  Damir Kranjcec -5.852
  Tissier Guillaume -43.053
Monster of GPLRank Denis Gicquel -20.612
ChallengeRank Oliver Ehrling -10.131
  simon67 -32.497
MunchausenRank Dani Akkerman -9.474
VROC F2 Club2003-05-10 13:01:27
Author: Alison Hine
Join the VROC F2 Club now! Scheduled races every Saturday morning (ET) and Monday and Thursday evenings. Thursday Night Thunder uses innovative Sprint/Feature format which all but guarantees close, exciting racing! Monday night's FD Phun Phestival runs FD cars, which also contribute to close racing. Saturday races have been so popular we've sometimes had to run three servers! Attendence has been growing in recent weeks as we take steps to revitalize the club. Please join us!

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New Negatives2003-05-10 08:00:11
GPLRank Mikko Poutanen -23.767
  Steven Gers -1.533
Monster of GPLRank Jean-François Gillier -128.939
Monster of ChallengeRank Juan-Pablo Munter -283.628
RSC League2003-05-09 17:04:33
Author: Reno Raines
RSC Sunday League is currently seeking drivers for a 2nd season. We run a Pro Damage format with 100 mile race distances and 45 mins qualifying. RSC Sunday League is run every sunday at 5pm GMT, 12 Noon EST. This is one of the faster leagues around with last seasons average GPLrank handicap at -61. We are looking for 8-10 drivers and hoping to start season 2 in June. If interested please apply. thnx

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New Negatives2003-05-09 08:00:11
GPLRank Ulrich Tamás -0.269
  Volker Klement -30.79
  Jussi Savolainen -0.845
Monster of GPLRank Robert Hasl -3.183
  Volker Klement -94.523
New World Records2003-05-08 09:00:00
Bremgarten BRM Jops Siffert 2:04.774 (-0.793)
  Ferrari Jops Siffert 2:03.189 (-0.185)
Le Mans Circuit Bugatti Cooper Timm Jagoda 1:36.719 (-0.102)
Loudon, New England Honda Blood 0:30.553 (-0.002)
Silverstone Circuit BRM Joosa Riekkinen 1:26.470 (-0.111)
  Cooper Joosa Riekkinen 1:26.233 (-0.117)
  Honda Joosa Riekkinen 1:25.995 (-0.240)
Snetterton Heath Circuit 1967 Ferrari Joosa Riekkinen 1:22.360 (-0.232)
  Lotus Joosa Riekkinen 1:21.799 (-0.156)
New Negatives2003-05-08 08:00:12
GPLRank Steffen Röthling -6.962
MunchausenRank Masaki Asano(umrk) -1.483
New Negatives2003-05-07 08:00:12
GPLRank Simon Wade -1.614
  John Moncrieff -3.566
ChallengeRank Martin Engel -13.729
Monster of ChallengeRank B.Bat -179.092
HistoricRank KenKunen -18.565
  Pasi Hannonen -0.625
New Negatives2003-05-06 08:00:13
GPLRank franz kalab -7.514
  Jaakko Mikkonen -0.199
  Keith Riley F1 -0.377
Monster of GPLRank Vasil Yanev -280.665
  SC -3.76
HistoricRank Mikko Suominen -6.459
New Negatives2003-05-05 08:00:13
Monster of GPLRank Michael Valls -22.91
  David Castells -2.08
  Timo Ruotsalainen -51.446
HistoricRank Fraser Poole (fras) -7.855
  Bernd Nowak -0.009
MunchausenRank XXX KELLLAAA -34.748
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