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New World Records2015-03-07 09:00:00
Spa Circuit National de Francorchamps 1967 Brabham Harald_Podzielny 3:19.167
  Cooper Harald_Podzielny 3:21.872
  Eagle Harald_Podzielny 3:17.452
  Ferrari Harald_Podzielny 3:18.544
New World Records2015-02-22 09:00:01
Dijon-Prenois v2 1981 Ferrari 312 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:18.404
  Lotus 49B Urban G Alsenmyr 1:17.795
New World Records2015-02-17 09:00:00
Dijon-Prenois v2 1981 Cooper T86B Urban G Alsenmyr 1:23.961
  Lotus 63 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:19.893
  Matra MS84 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:20.605
New Negatives2015-02-16 08:00:17
GPL66Rank Lars Mossberg -1.554
New World Records2015-02-14 09:00:00
Dijon-Prenois v2 1981 Matra MS80 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:16.628
  McLaren M7 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:17.961
New Negatives2015-02-14 08:00:02
GPLRank Marcelo Aiello -13.628
New Negatives2015-02-01 08:00:03
GPLRank s2173 -54.334
Monster of GPLRank s2173 -195.965
New World Records2015-01-31 09:00:00
Clermont-Ferrand 1965 McLaren M9A aitor fernandez 3:06.647 (0.000)
New World Records2015-01-28 09:00:02
East London 1967 Honda Paolo Gabrieli 1:20.623 (-0.083)
Mybroga S442015-01-28 08:31:47
Author: Marcos Mirande
Mybroga is starting its 44th season with the original GPL cars from 1967 and a schedule of 15 tracks. In every season, each driver has assigned a single chassis. We race in intermediate mode, with resets allowed only on first lap and after that in pits and using 60fps patch. We race tuesdays and wednesdays at 22:30 of Argentina (-3 GMT) as separate championships for tuesdays and wednesdays and a superchamp, combining both. Join us!

click here for more info about this league
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