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New World Records2013-03-03 09:00:00
Road Atlanta McLaren M8B/C/E Johnny Ackerman 1:08.421 (-0.032)
New World Records2013-03-02 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Brabham BT20 Dario Gerholdt 1:34.704
  Brabham BT24 Dario Gerholdt 1:32.367
  Cooper T86B Dario Gerholdt 1:33.983
  Lotus 49 Dario Gerholdt 1:33.605 (-0.676)
New Negatives2013-03-02 08:00:10
GPLRank Matt Judson -5.816
New World Records2013-02-28 09:00:01
Mosport Park 1967 Honda (65) Petr Romanov 1:23.885 (-0.194)
ADC - The Average Drivers Club2013-02-27 12:17:55
Author: David Fletcher
The Average Drivers Club is looking for new members. The ADC is a long-standing club that has been part of the GPL community for over 12 years now. We are unique in the GPL community in that we are not a ‘league’. We don’t keep standings, or hold championships. We just give interested GPLers an avenue to enjoy GPL in a fun environment, without the pressures that can come with running a championship. If you're interested, send me an email at rockysmart1@yahoo.com. David Fletcher President ADC

click here for more info about this league
New World Records2013-02-25 09:00:00
Mosport Park 1967 Brabham BT7 (65) Alexander Schokin 65 1:24.512 (-0.123)
New World Records2013-02-24 09:00:00
Mosport Park 1967 Brabham BT7 (65) Alexander Schokin 65 1:24.635 (-0.102)
New World Records2013-02-23 09:00:01
Brands Hatch 1967 Eagle AAR101 Dario Gerholdt 1:36.891
  Lotus 49 Dario Gerholdt 1:34.281
Mexico 1967 Eagle AAR101 Dario Gerholdt 1:51.099
New World Records2013-02-22 09:00:00
Mexico 1967 Lotus 49 Dario Gerholdt 1:46.879 (-0.989)
New Negatives2013-02-21 08:00:10
71 CanAmRank Keith Ballard (aka Saiph) -2.022
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