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New Negatives2003-11-22 08:00:11
GPLRank Keld Broe -1.48
  Esben Tipple -2.502
Monster of GPLRank Mark Bevan (MarkieB) -13.996
IICC2003-11-21 11:15:36
Author: Peter Burke
Join our fast divsion for the 4th year of league racing in a format designed for serious racers: Long events, long season, classic tracks, and an orientation towards competitive and fair racing. In our divisions, drivers are assigned cars to adjust for the performance spread within the field. The result are close, exciting battles, where skill and strategy come together to provide classic race experiences. Drivers needed from +10 to -60 GPLrank - recruiting in all divsions.

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New Negatives2003-11-21 08:00:11
Monster of HistoricRank B.Bat -39.619
GPLIL2003-11-20 08:35:43
Author: Nahum Rami
This is the First & the only Israeli league in the GPL world . We have 12 members untill now & it still growing . In a member of Darren Bisaker our friend ...

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New Negatives2003-11-19 08:00:10
GPLRank Paul Frampton -0.8
HistoricRank Peter Dostal -2.586
New Negatives2003-11-18 08:00:11
GPLRank Ben D -17.68
  Bart Vaes -0.619
New Negatives2003-11-17 08:00:11
GPLRank Arne Marco Kirsebom -0.197
New World Records2003-11-16 09:00:01
Österreichring (Zeltweg) Ferrari Andreas Wilke 1:42.282 (-0.031)
New Negatives2003-11-16 08:00:10
GPLRank anthony pahl -5.432
New Negatives2003-11-15 08:00:11
GPLRank Dave Ellis -2.413
Monster of GPLRank Roland Wagner -27.379
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