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UKGPL2012-06-25 12:17:56
Author: Ross Neilson
This season UKGPL will run three championships for 1965 cars, one for 1966 cars, two for the 1967 cars and two for the 1967 GT Mod, one being for Porsche only. We will also be running a championship for the 1967 F2 cars. Our aim is simply to have some fun racing those 1960s brutes.

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New World Records2012-06-24 09:00:01
Vallelunga 1967 Lotus 48 craig leech 1:17.170
New Negatives2012-06-23 08:00:09
1967F2 Rank Al Heller -0.73
New World Records2012-06-18 09:00:01
Vallelunga 1967 Ferrari 166 craig leech 1:17.615
New Negatives2012-06-15 08:00:09
Monster of OvalRank Col Bentley -29.155
New Negatives2012-06-14 08:00:10
GPLRank Gavin Marsden -0.22
New World Records2012-06-13 09:00:00
Vallelunga 1967 Lola T100 BMW craig leech 1:16.962
New Negatives2012-06-11 08:00:09
1967F2 Rank Dean Wayman -0.045
New Negatives2012-06-09 08:00:09
GPLRank Tom Yeiser -2.327
New Negatives2012-06-08 08:00:17
GPLRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -55.39
Monster of GPLRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -267.3
ChallengeRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -3.942
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