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New World Records2012-06-13 09:00:00
Vallelunga 1967 Lola T100 BMW craig leech 1:16.962
New Negatives2012-06-11 08:00:09
1967F2 Rank Dean Wayman -0.045
New Negatives2012-06-09 08:00:09
GPLRank Tom Yeiser -2.327
New Negatives2012-06-08 08:00:17
GPLRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -55.39
Monster of GPLRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -267.3
ChallengeRank Pierre M. Mikkelsen -3.942
New Negatives2012-06-07 08:00:10
GPLRank Bo Bruce -0.291
New Negatives2012-06-04 08:00:09
GPL65Rank Al Heller -2.622
New Negatives2012-06-02 08:00:08
GPL65v2Rank Al Heller -0.701
New Negatives2012-05-31 08:00:12
1967F2 Rank mike holland -2.675
New World Records2012-05-27 09:00:00
Indy 1999 Honda Harald_Podzielny 0:52.680 (-0.014)
Groundhog Seasons2012-05-25 13:37:42
Author: Jani Posta
After finishing our spring seasons, we continue with summer fun races. Look out for J.Posta/Groundhog server on Thursday evenings (8pm UK time). More details, rules and full calendar at http://freeleo.hu/weekly/

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