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New Track Promotion2012-04-16 18:02:03
A laptime competition for the promotion of a track will be held:
Track Kansas
GPL version Grand Prix Legends 1967 F2
Start 2012-04-16 00:00:00
End 2012-04-22 23:59:59
Start and end times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).
New World Records2012-04-16 09:00:00
Enna Pergusa 1967 Lola T100 BMW Georg Busch 1:13.075 (-0.272)
New Negatives2012-04-16 08:00:10
1967F2 Rank Timothy Butler -4.909
Track Promotion Result2012-04-16 00:02:01
Final results of the Grand Prix Legends 69X track promo on Pic du midi .
The best laptime for each chassis is listed.
Overall best time: Brabham BT26 Keith Ballard (aka Saiph) 1:24.446
Best time other chassis: McLaren M9A svenvangent 1:25.990
Lotus 49B joerg rohde 1:28.489
McLaren M7 joerg rohde 1:29.304
Matra MS84 Pedro van den Berg 1:30.107
Ferrari 312 joerg rohde 1:30.341
Matra MS80 lorne butler 1:31.842
BRM P138 lorne butler 1:32.016
Cooper T86B joerg rohde 1:34.576
Eagle AAR101 lorne butler 1:37.721
Full results can be found here.
New Negatives2012-04-14 08:00:10
GT 67Rank _nes -80.024
1967F2 Rank Marcos Mirande -0.613
New Negatives2012-04-13 08:00:10
GPLRank ferney jaimes -14.161
New Negatives2012-04-12 08:00:10
GPL69Rank svenvangent -14.698
1967F2 Rank Hristo Itchov -14.439
New World Records2012-04-10 09:00:00
Enna Pergusa 1967 Cooper T84 Georg Busch 1:13.759 (-0.233)
  Lola T100 FVA Georg Busch 1:13.162 (-0.147)
New World Records2012-04-09 09:00:00
Reims 1967 Chaparral Mk2F Georg Busch 2:00.143 (-0.054)
New Negatives2012-04-09 08:00:13
GPL69XRank Keith Ballard (aka Saiph) -7.177
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