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New Negatives2012-04-06 08:00:10
OvalRank Col Bentley -8.756
1967F2 Rank RaoulC -2.054
New World Records2012-04-04 09:00:00
Enna Pergusa 1967 Brabham BT14 Georg Busch 1:15.910 (-0.338)
  McLaren M4A Georg Busch 1:12.949 (-0.575)
New Negatives2012-04-04 08:00:10
GPL69XRank Göran Jonsson -3.318
New Negatives2012-04-02 08:00:10
Monster of 1967F2 Rank Georg Busch -114.353
Track Promotion Result2012-04-02 00:02:02
Final results of the 1967 Sports Cars track promo on King Raceway .
The best laptime for each chassis is listed.
Overall best time: Chaparral Mk2F RaoulC 2:25.976
Best time other chassis: Porsche 910 svenvangent 2:26.845
Mirage M1 RaoulC 2:28.834
Ferrari 330/P4 Craig Burns 2:34.752
Ford GT40 Mk1 Pedro van den Berg 2:37.933
Lola T70 Mk3 lorne butler 2:42.055
Full results can be found here.
New Negatives2012-04-01 08:00:17
1967F2 Rank craig leech -8.477
Fun Liga2012-03-29 09:06:38
Author: Axel Cordt
The Fun-League (http://www.gpl-fun.com/) drives in 2011 the Sportscar mod Racingday is Thursday at IGOR-Chatroom "FunLiga" „Intermediate long“

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2012-03-29 08:00:10
1967F2 Rank Tristan Bot -5.076
New World Records2012-03-28 09:00:01
Enna Pergusa 1967 Brabham BT14 craig leech 1:16.248 (-0.564)
  Cooper T84 craig leech 1:13.992 (-0.116)
  Matra MS5 Georg Busch 1:12.617
New Negatives2012-03-27 08:00:10
1967F2 Rank Georg Busch -16.339
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