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Track Promotion Result2012-02-27 00:02:02
Final results of the Grand Prix Legends 1967 F2 track promo on Bathurst, Mount Panorama .
The best laptime for each chassis is listed.
Overall best time: Brabham BT23 craig leech 2:05.021
Best time other chassis: McLaren M4A s2173 -m 2:05.913
Matra MS5 svenvangent 2:06.518
Lotus 48 Johnny Ackerman 2:06.704
Lola T100 FVA s2173 -m 2:07.444
Ferrari 166 Johnny Ackerman 2:08.059
Protos 16 s2173 -m 2:08.896
Matra MS7 s2173 -m 2:09.363
Cooper T84 lorne butler 2:13.905
Lotus 41B lorne butler 2:15.268
Lola T100 BMW lorne butler 2:15.873
Full results can be found here.
New Negatives2012-02-25 08:00:10
OvalRank Denys Liger -1.449
GPFun2012-02-25 06:34:36
Author: Fabio Locarno
GPFUN 10th season 9th race will be at Silverstone 1967 on next March the 5th! Race subscription here: http://www.gpfun.net/public/forum/entrylist.asp?action=entrylist&id=101 GPFun is racing the original 67s cars, 36fps, using VROC, on Mondays, every two weeks We meet on chatroom "italiani" at 21.15 CET 30 minutes qualify, 90 minutes race It's a very competitive league and it should be interesting for the more skilled drivers

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2012-02-24 08:00:09
GPL66Rank Tooncheesef1 -2.712
New Track Promotion2012-02-20 18:02:02
A laptime competition for the promotion of a track will be held:
Track Bathurst, Mount Panorama
GPL version Grand Prix Legends 1967 F2
Start 2012-02-20 00:00:00
End 2012-02-26 23:59:59
Start and end times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).
Track Promotion Result2012-02-20 00:02:01
Final results of the 1967 Sports Cars track promo on Népliget Park 1936.
The best laptime for each chassis is listed.
Overall best time: Chaparral Mk2F Craig Larkin 2:06.476
Best time other chassis: Porsche 910 svenvangent 2:07.315
Ford GT40 Mk1 Craig Larkin 2:12.193
Lola T70 Mk3 Dario Gerholdt 2:13.826
Ferrari 330/P4 Craig Burns 2:22.162
Chaparral Mk2D lorne butler 2:24.356
Ford GT40 Mk4 lorne butler 3:04.102
Full results can be found here.
New World Records2012-02-19 09:00:01
Enna Pergusa 1967 Lola T100 BMW Urban G Alsenmyr 1:13.347
  Protos 16 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:12.945
New Negatives2012-02-19 08:00:09
OvalRank Harald_Podzielny -15.291
GPL66Rank Laurent Coëffic -0.617
New World Records2012-02-18 09:00:01
Enna Pergusa 1967 Cooper T84 Urban G Alsenmyr 1:14.108
Lime Rock Park 2002 Brabham BT11 (65) craig leech 0:54.618 (-0.134)
  Brabham BT7 (65) craig leech 0:54.694 (-0.274)
  BRM (65) craig leech 0:54.525 (-0.590)
  Cooper (65) craig leech 0:54.868 (-0.108)
New World Records2012-02-17 09:00:01
Lime Rock Park 2002 Honda (65) craig leech 0:54.737 (-0.097)
  Lotus (65) craig leech 0:54.377 (-0.145)
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