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Track Promotion Result2011-10-24 00:02:02
Final results of the Grand Prix Legends 1966 track promo on Parco Sempione 1937.
The best laptime for each chassis is listed.
Overall best time: Brabham BT19 Repco Craig Larkin 1:13.187
Best time other chassis: Lotus 33 Climax Timothy Butler 1:13.408
Ferrari 246 Timothy Butler 1:13.642
Ferrari 312 svenvangent 1:13.647
Brabham BT11 2.7lt Climax Keith Ballard (aka Saiph) 1:13.844
Brabham BT11 BRM Craig Larkin 1:13.862
Brabham BT11 2.5lt Climax Keith Ballard (aka Saiph) 1:14.223
Lotus 33 BRM quico giralt G25 1:15.055
Mclaren M2B Ford Göran Jonsson 1:16.235
Honda RA273 Craig Burns 1:17.119
T1F Eagle Climax Denys Liger 1:18.603
BRM P261 Denys Liger 1:21.923
Cooper T81 Maserati lorne butler 1:25.146
BRM P83 lorne butler 1:25.428
T1G Eagle Weslake lorne butler 1:26.195
Full results can be found here.
New Negatives2011-10-23 08:00:09
GPLRank Esteban Elias -37.487
New Negatives2011-10-21 08:00:10
GPLRank Wout Maurissen -1.549
New Negatives2011-10-19 08:00:10
GPLRank David Cooke Jr -40.634
GPL65v2Rank Raoni Frizzo (keys) -9.39
New Negatives2011-10-18 08:00:09
Monster of MunchausenRank Al Heller -13.175
GPFun2011-10-17 16:50:04
Author: Fabio Locarno
GPFUN is starting its 10th season!! It would be great if some drivers will join us in order to race a full grid on every race We race the original 67s cars, 36fps, using VROC, on Mondays, every two weeks Season will have 18 races and it will end on June 2012 We meet on chatroom "italiani" at 21.15 CET 30 minutes qualify, 90 minutes race It's a very competitive league and it should be interesting for the more skilled drivers

click here for more info about this league
New World Records2011-10-16 09:00:00
Bathurst, Mount Panorama Cooper Guérout ToM 1:59.263 (-0.216)
  Lotus Guérout ToM 1:56.754 (-0.237)
New Negatives2011-10-16 08:00:09
GT 67Rank Raoni Frizzo (keys) -36.65
New Negatives2011-10-15 08:00:10
GPL66Rank Clive Gardner -11.712
New Negatives2011-10-13 08:00:10
GPL66Rank s2173 -m -1.796
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