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New Negatives2009-08-20 08:00:03
GPL65v2Rank Jimmy Yarbrough -0.595
New Negatives2009-08-17 08:00:04
GPLRank Thijs Heuts -66.699
Monster of GPLRank Thijs Heuts -366.048
New Negatives2009-08-16 08:00:03
GPL66Rank Marko Kiikka -7.344
New World Records2009-08-14 09:00:00
Crystal Palace Honda Gaizka López C. 0:49.978 (-0.242)
New World Records2009-08-13 09:00:01
Crystal Palace BRM Gaizka López C. 0:50.148 (-0.377)
Le Mans Bugatti 1967 Brabham BT26a (69) Anders Östlund 1:30.638 (-0.255)
New Negatives2009-08-13 08:00:02
GPLRank Eduardo Gaensly -0.252
GPL65Rank P.Romanov -21.213
B.R.E.A.S.T.S.2009-08-13 05:26:07
Author: Clive Loynes
The British Racing Enthusiasts And Selected Tourist Society (BREASTS) are currently embarking on their 65v2Rank Series, incorporating both open and spec races at all of the 65Rank v2 tracks. All races use 65mod and the Open, points scoring, rounds are every fortnight with spec races being run on the weeks between. Races scheduled to start at 9:00 UK local time every Wednesday. All levels of ability welcome.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2009-08-12 08:00:03
GPL69Rank Sean M -6.397
New Negatives2009-08-11 08:00:04
GPLRank Ruud Savelkoul -0.138
  Olaf Lehmann -1.711
New Negatives2009-08-10 08:00:03
GPLRank Craig Burns -0.912
HistoricRank simon67 -5.339
GPL69Rank Timothy Butler -13.915
  David French -0.552
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