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New Negatives2003-09-11 08:00:14
GPLRank Spike Wilbury -52.085
  Oren Barnea -0.676
Monster of GPLRank Spike Wilbury -209.745
  Rod Weyer -0.322
New Negatives2003-09-10 08:00:15
GPLRank Florian Waschkowski -10.361
Monster of ChallengeRank Timo Föller -179.174
GPL Regulars2003-09-09 08:05:42
Author: Ken MacKay
The GPL Regulars are about to begin their 7th Season (September to December 2003). The Regulars will be running 2 separate divisons this season, the very sucessful FV division (F2 with F3 engine) and a newly added F2 division. The divisions share common points and rules, however they are run entirely separate championships (a driver can compete in one or both). Races in each division are held every two weeks on Thurdadays at 7:30 EST, with the F2 races held one week after the FV event.

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New Negatives2003-09-09 08:00:15
GPLRank Miguel Rodrigues -0.84
  Samuli Strang -0.251
Monster of GPLRank Henrik Immelmark -13.458
New Negatives2003-09-08 08:00:15
GPLRank Peter Heiligenstädt -3.093
HistoricRank Jeroen van de Sande -0.388
Open Euro GPL League2003-09-07 18:07:05
Author: Ed Hut
The Open Euro GPL League will start its fifth season on September 30th. We race every Tuesday at 21:00 Central European Time. The calendar consists of 9 races. We drive on a mix of original and addon tracks. To even out the field a bit, fast drivers have to drive slower cars. If you like clean racing and are capable of doing so yourself, you're welcome to join.

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New Negatives2003-09-07 08:00:14
GPLRank Richard Meyrick -2.06
Monster of GPLRank Andreas Woehlk -4.042
HistoricRank Dave Wilkinson -3.564
New Negatives2003-09-06 08:00:15
GPLRank Thomas Ekrene -0.63
  Tom Clark F1 -3.338
New Negatives2003-09-05 08:00:15
GPLRank Dave Unger -0.566
  Adam Dodd -3.92
Monster of GPLRank Peter Dostal-F1 -1.289
HistoricRank Harald Schneller -1.613
New Negatives2003-09-04 08:00:15
GPLRank Philippe Boisselier -0.532
HistoricRank Tom Goodall -8.952
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