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New Negatives2003-08-25 08:00:14
ChallengeRank pierre-henri genty -1.997
  Paul Velasco -0.076
Monster of ChallengeRank Tom Goodall -172.732
HistoricRank Larry J Sheehy -6.068
NGPLCL2003-08-25 05:49:25
Author: Markus Forsström
NGPLCL Season 4 is about to start. Start is set to Kyalami on 2003-08-28 20:00 CET. So races will be run on Thursdays. This season we have dropped a few tracks and added some new ones, with emphasis being on good racing. Races will also be slightly longer, approximately 60 mins. Car restrictions are also in effect according to your rank. Welcome previous participants and new racers.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2003-08-24 08:00:14
Monster of GPLRank Paul Davis -7.498
ChallengeRank Hermanh -5.186
HistoricRank Jojof1 -30.798
New World Records2003-08-23 09:00:00
Monza Brabham Petter Edin 1:27.613 (-0.047)
  Eagle Petter Edin 1:26.422 (-0.068)
New Negatives2003-08-23 08:00:14
GPLRank Jan Troestrum -45.99
New Negatives2003-08-22 08:00:14
GPLRank Tim Stelten -0.276
  Rick Briant -3.045
  m. benjamin -1.013
Monster of GPLRank pierre-henri genty -0.806
  Owain Shaw -32.323
HistoricRank Mika Länsirinne -17.12
New Negatives2003-08-21 08:00:15
GPLRank Gil Silva -0.282
  dean holloway -0.79
  Kenneth Frøyland -5.867
New Negatives2003-08-20 08:00:14
GPLRank Pablo Valenzuela -1.16
New Negatives2003-08-19 08:00:14
GPLRank Riccardo Casiraghi -0.261
  John Crossley -2.473
Monster of GPLRank Jürgen Schunke -116.725
  Owen Woodwards -10.93
New Negatives2003-08-18 08:00:14
GPLRank Gabriel Fürstner -16.451
Monster of GPLRank Ken MacKay -27.503
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