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New Negatives2007-09-25 08:00:07
GPLRank Tony Gallagher -3.446
MunchausenRank Bertrand Dupraz -13.681
New Negatives2007-09-24 08:00:06
GPLRank Chris Rayan -11.539
ChallengeRank Per Åkesson -31.525
HistoricRank Michael Belozerov -0.697
New Negatives2007-09-22 08:00:07
HistoricRank Bertrand Dupraz -6.037
New Negatives2007-09-21 08:00:07
ChallengeRank Bertrand Dupraz -20.975
New Negatives2007-09-18 08:00:07
GPLRank Gábor Babinszki -0.188
New Negatives2007-09-17 08:00:07
GPLRank Mate Salinovic -0.044
  Sin -7.775
New Negatives2007-09-16 08:00:07
GPLRank David Rainier -5.284
New World Records2007-09-14 09:00:00
Laguna Seca 1967 Brabham (69) Anders Östlund 1:01.342
Spa Francorchamps 1967 McLaren (69) Olivier Guillo 3:13.868
New Negatives2007-09-11 08:00:06
GPLRank Ian Bassi -19.397
Gone Gold Oval Series2007-09-09 12:07:03
Author: Timothy Maynard
The Gone Gold 2007 Oval Series began its season on September 9th but you can still get in on the action.The league runs on Sunday mornings. The series will consist of 15 events on Ovals of varying distances. A couple of near Oval tracks will be included as well. The IRL point system will be used and there will be bonus points awarded for Pole position and most laps led. The league will be Rookie friendly with only a few basic rules. Contact Tim Maynard at tmaynar1@tampabay.rr.com for details.

click here for more info about this league
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