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B.R.E.A.S.T.S.2006-11-26 12:50:23
Author: Clive Loynes
B.R.E.A.S.T.S., having completed their World Series Pt1 and nearing the end of their Down t Local fun series are soon to embark upon World Series Pt2; which will naturally, like Pt1, be contained entirely within North America. Spec races are held between each Open race of the main season and are scored as a separate event, although their main purpose is to provide practice for the forthcomming Open.

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New World Records2006-11-26 09:00:00
Kyalami 1967 Brabham (69) Peter Andersson 1:13.063
  Lotus 49B (69) Peter Andersson 1:13.301
  Lotus L63 (69) Peter Andersson 1:15.937 (-0.077)
  McLaren (69) Peter Andersson 1:13.816
Watkins Glen Int. 1967 Brabham (69) Peter Andersson 1:00.563 (-0.035)
  Lotus 49B (69) Peter Andersson 1:00.334
Zandvoort 1967 Brabham (69) Phil Woodward 1:15.885 (-0.144)
New Negatives2006-11-26 08:00:06
GPLRank Stuart Bartosiak -16.404
  Czene Miklós -74.949
ChallengeRank Duncan Scheltens "keypad" (keys) -21.067
  Kalle Ruokola -13.248
New World Records2006-11-25 09:00:00
Kyalami 1967 Ferrari (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:14.049
  Lotus L63 (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:16.014
Reims 1967 BRM Jojof1 1:59.237 (-0.400)
Road 67 1967 Brabham Finn R. Zachariassen 4:06.345 (-2.082)
  BRM Finn R. Zachariassen 4:10.196 (-0.494)
  Cooper Finn R. Zachariassen 4:08.969 (-0.109)
  Eagle Finn R. Zachariassen 4:05.109 (-0.301)
  Ferrari Finn R. Zachariassen 4:04.761 (-1.144)
  Honda Finn R. Zachariassen 4:09.165 (-0.502)
  Lotus Finn R. Zachariassen 4:03.957 (-0.270)
Watkins Glen Int. 1967 Brabham (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:00.598
  BRM (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:01.607
  Lotus L63 (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:02.455
  Matra (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:00.583
  McLaren (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:00.754
Zandvoort 1967 BRM (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:17.726
  Lotus 49B (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:16.221
  Lotus L63 (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:18.946
  Matra (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:16.357
  McLaren (69) Steve Cloyd (SteveC43) 1:16.680
New Negatives2006-11-24 08:00:08
GPLRank Jean Sigouin -0.357
Monster of MunchausenRank P.J. van den Berg -30.645
New Negatives2006-11-21 08:00:06
GPL65v2Rank Jan Troestrum -13.819
UKGPL 20062006-11-21 07:43:01
Author: Clive Loynes
UKGPL SEASON 13 starting soon. Trophies for League and Club Champions. 50min races and PRO format for Masters Cup Pappy and Addon Tracks

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New Negatives2006-11-20 08:00:06
Monster of GPLRank John Bradbury -263.079
New Negatives2006-11-19 08:00:06
GPLRank Mark Jackson -1.685
GPL65Rank Ed Hut testaccount -6.461
GPL65v2Rank Ed Hut testaccount -1.875
VROC F2 Club2006-11-18 11:43:05
Author: Michael Cornelison (F2)
The VROC F2 Club is now running 69 mod F2 class (Advanced Trainers). Take advantage of the new GPL Replay Analyzer's compatibility with the 69 mod and beyond -- spend some time with us in this great class for online racing. We still meet every Saturday at 1400 GMT. You can also take advantage of our growing library of 69 F2 setups (thanks primarily to Dad Phillips and Marko Rassannen). Visit http://sports.groups.yahoo.com/group/vroc-f2/ for details Join us!

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