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IICC2003-07-07 22:17:08
Author: Peter Burke
Join our fast divsion for the 4th year of league racing in a format designed for serious racers: Long events, long season, classic tracks, and an orientation towards competitive and fair racing. In our divisions, drivers are assigned cars to adjust for the performance spread within the field. The result are close, exciting battles, where skill and strategy come together to provide classic race experiences. Drivers needed from -20 to -60 GPLrank. Pro divison races on Sat 9:30pm Eastern.

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New Negatives2003-07-07 08:00:12
GPLRank Benjamin Lacaze -20.307
Monster of GPLRank Burtoner -1858.592
Monster of ChallengeRank Rui Carneiro -119.401
New Negatives2003-07-06 08:00:13
GPLRank Fredrik Moberg -3.118
  Gabe Salazar -2.769
  Mario Ocker -0.181
  Michael Beattie -2.241
Monster of GPLRank jman8 -7.576
ChallengeRank Rui Carneiro -38.638
MunchausenRank Tobias Walter -16.702
New Negatives2003-07-05 08:00:13
GPLRank Randall Owen -2.947
Monster of HistoricRank Peter Dunham -28.138
New Negatives2003-07-04 08:00:12
GPLRank Breizh -0.153
  Marcel Wiegers -59.363
Monster of GPLRank Marcel Wiegers -270.853
  Nicola Bonazzi -179.784
ChallengeRank Pete Bennett F1 -0.112
ReVOLUTION Racing Series2003-07-03 15:22:12
Author: Craig Jones
The ReVOLUTION Racing Series is an affable league which welcomes drivers of all skills and experience. We're about to start our third season and always encourage new drivers to participate. We race at 9pm UK time (GMT or BST - whichever is in effect at the time) every Tuesday night, with a combination of all chassis, F1 points races, as well as a same-chassis challenge too! See http://rrs.cap35.net/

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New Negatives2003-07-03 08:00:13
GPLRank Anthony Obrohta -19.432
HistoricRank Eric Appelmans -2.405
New Negatives2003-07-02 08:00:13
GPLRank Shawn Belleque -43.424
  Yackydoodle -0.083
  Malc -10.02
HistoricRank Jukka Vaarala -5.153
  Petteri Kantokari (Kanzo) -0.044
  Timo Föller -13.088
New Negatives2003-07-01 08:00:13
GPLRank Terry Best -19.9
HistoricRank Otis Bertol -8.613
New World Records2003-06-30 09:00:01
Kyalami Cooper Pierre Fabre 1:18.917 (-0.056)
  Honda Jojof1 1:18.814 (-0.095)
Nürburgring Eagle Oliver Reinhold 7:47.946 (-1.198)
Silverstone Circuit Ferrari Leonardo Grandis 1:24.896 (-0.252)
Zandvoort Cooper Pierre Fabre 1:23.610 (-0.008)
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