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New Negatives2003-06-22 08:00:13
GPLRank Peter Wingard -7.356
  David Weller -0.469
  Eero Klami -1.044
  Juho Nenonen -35.191
New Negatives2003-06-21 08:00:14
GPLRank Tom Goodall -35.653
  Bas One -2.461
  Serge de Pauli -3.682
  Bob Obrohta -4.33
  ruud dingemans -0.1
  Paul Davis -3.115
  fabskimo -10.638
Monster of GPLRank Tom Goodall -69.867
ChallengeRank Peter Dunham -28.803
  Tom Goodall -10.154
  Andreas Tophinke -1.262
HistoricRank Peter Dunham -8.096
  Peter Ogden -0.195
New Negatives2003-06-20 08:00:13
GPLRank Raphael Riemann -2.712
  SIKORA -18.677
  cedric vazeille -0.234
IICC2003-06-19 12:19:26
Author: Peter Burke
Join our fast divsion for the 4th year of league racing in a format designed for serious racers: Long events, long season, classic tracks, and an orientation towards competitive and fair racing. In our divisions, drivers are assigned cars to adjust for the performance spread within the field. The result are close, exciting battles, where skill and strategy come together to provide classic race experiences. Drivers needed from -20 to -60 GPLrank. Pro divison races on Sat 9:30pm Eastern.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2003-06-18 08:00:13
GPLRank Nick Morgan -0.465
  Kostya Ryazancev -1.856
Monster of GPLRank joel piret -100.913
Monster of HistoricRank Masaki Asano (umrk) -78.367
New Negatives2003-06-17 08:00:14
GPLRank Martin John Woodhead -2.055
HistoricRank Pau Freire ( Beach time :P ) -7.113
New Negatives2003-06-16 08:00:14
GPLRank Alain Rochette -3.279
  Andreas Müller -1.272
  Nuage Neuf -1.384
  Tomas Brockmann -7.053
Monster of GPLRank Jaakko Nuolikoski -101.102
  Peter Ogden -3.602
ChallengeRank ross -31.22
granprixlegendsportugal2003-06-16 07:12:35
Author: Marco Rosas
You can join our league from 1 July. Be part of a group of passionate drivers, who love to race and have fun. In September 2003 will start the 3rd season of GPLPT. Lots of prizes!!!.....not!

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2003-06-15 08:00:14
GPLRank Indiana -6.11
  Guillaume Nachin F3 -24.881
Monster of GPLRank Guillaume Nachin F3 -34.033
ChallengeRank Michal Stefanik -49.995
  Guillaume Nachin F3 -0.711
HistoricRank Blood -10.447
New Negatives2003-06-14 08:00:13
GPLRank Damien Eliot -20.853
  Rod Weyer -0.18
Monster of GPLRank Jaakko Mikkonen -17.193
  Aldo Regozani -2.421
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