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New promotion feature for leagues2003-04-30 13:17:05
Author: Ed Hut
League administrators may now publish a promotion message for their league on the GPLRank homepage.

On the league details page you'll find a new field to enter your promotion text, which can be 500 characters long.

You can publish your message at most once a week.
New frontpage messages2003-04-25 15:57:27
Author: Ed Hut
As you can see on this very page we now show more than just the Admin Messages.
The first types of messages that are being shown are the New Negatives and the New World Records. These messages are generated automatically once a day.

In the pipeline are other messages like League Promotion and New Tracks. If you've got ideas for more message types, feel free to drop us a line.

To see Admin Messages that were posted earlier, just click the link below (for example to see the very important announcement about the new MunchausenRank and HistoricRank).
New Ranks!2003-04-25 15:50:08
Author: Brian Wong
Two new ranks have just been released. The MunchausenRank is composed entirely of "fantasy" tracks. Have a go at some of these tracks - most of them are some pretty interesting drives. In the interest of balance, the HistoricRank is composed entirely of "non-fantasy" tracks, many of them the more popular of the tracks that were not already in a rank. Given the recent interest and accomplishments in TotalRank, there are a number of folks who had already completed MunchausenRank and HistoricRank, including at least a couple of drivers who are already negative!

Check 'em out with Show My Ranks and View Rank Definitions!
Handicap Rankings Page2003-04-25 15:42:33
Author: Ed Hut
I've just deployed a new page with which people can select handicap rankings. You can find it under the "Rankings" menu option. It works like Multiple Choice Hell, only for handicaps instead of laptimes.
New handicap calculation method2003-03-09 00:00:00
Author: Ed Hut
I've updated the way handicaps are being calculated. I hope I didn't miss anything so everything keeps running smooth as ever :-) Because of the changes, there may be small differences in handicap values. These differences should be small though, a couple of hundreds of a second max.
New feature: Self Service2003-02-05 00:00:00
Author: Ed Hut
Ever uploaded a warp laptime or even uploaded your F1 ini-file to your F2 account? With this new feature you delete any wrong laptimes or even wipe all your laptimes so that you have a clean slate to upload the correct ini-file. Also provided is a feature to delete the spikes that wrong laptimes have put into your handicap history.
Try it out now