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What is Big Brother?

Big Brother gathers laptime information from replays of participation servers. All the laptimes are stored in the GPLRank database and is used for various reports.

How does it work?

When hosting a race you can configure the server to automatically save the replay once the race is over. All saved replays will be processed periodically (usually once per 24 hours) by GPLReport, which is a very early version of GPL Replay Analyser. GPLReport writes the race report to a file. This file is then uploaded to the GPLRank server where it is processed. After GPLReport has run the replays themselves can be deleted.
It's best to run GPLReport automatically using the built-in scheduler of Microsoft Windows or by using a third party program (you can find various freeware and shareware ones at sites like C|Net and Tucows.

I run a dedicated server. Can I participate?

Yep, you can. Please send an email to so we can create an account and help you set up the software on your server.

I don't run a dedicated server but sometimes host races on my local PC. Can I still upload the laptimes?

Technically this can be done, but for the moment we want to concentrate on dedicated servers only, because it is easier to set these up to run fully automatic.

Which servers already participate?

During the last 7 days the following servers submitted replays: No replays submitted.

What's the added value of Big Brother when we can already see laptimes on GPLRank?

Big Brothers takes the laptimes from server replays. These laptimes reflect the current form of drivers instead of this 'once in a lifetime hotlap' that is visible in GPLRank. In the days before a league race you can actually see how good or bad your fellow drivers are doing at the moment. Because more and more people are getting flatrate internet access with for instance DSL or Cable, practicing online adds to the fun before league races.
"It promotes competition. When I see someone turning a 1:24 at Snetterton, I know I'm off the pace if all I can manage is a 1:27, so I really try to find more speed. Without Big Bro I might show up for an event with a nice comfortable car setup but be a few seconds off the pace." (Alan Owens)

My laptimes do not appear in Big Brother. How come?

There are several possibilities here:
  • The name you use in GPL doesn't match your name in the GPLRank database.
    The laptimes that are submitted to Big Brother carry the name you use in GPL. The first time Big Brother sees a new driver name it will try to find a GPLRank account record with the same name. If it finds exactly one account it can link the online name (your Big Brother alias) to the GPLRank account.
    If it finds more than one account with the same name it will not link to any (FYI, at the time of this writing the name 'Chris' is most popular with 'Peter' and 'Bob' sharing 2nd place). In this case you can manually link your online alias to your GPLRank account by using menu option "Big Brother => My BB alias(es).
  • If you created your GPLRank account after you where first seen by Big Brother there will also be no link since Big Brother only tries to make the link the very first time it sees a name. You can manually make the link by using menu option "Big Brother => My BB alias(es).

Somebody else is using my Big Brother alias! What the %^*@# ??? Erm, what can I do about this?

Obviously it can happen that you use the same online name as somebody else. In this case the easiest way to go is to start using another online name.
If you think somebody has deliberately hijacked your online name please drop us a line at so we can look into this.

What if I have a question that is not in this FAQ?

That's simple. Drop us a line at with your question and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. You can also use this address for suggestions to improve the site.