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New Negatives2004-05-27 08:00:15
GPLRank James Kerry -2.461
New Negatives2004-05-26 08:00:17
GPLRank Brent Dube -6.302
  Juhász Tamás -6.994
Monster of GPLRank Lars Moldenhauer -0.483
New Negatives2004-05-24 08:00:16
GPLRank Antonio Piccardo -0.061
  Michel Baudrit -2.187
Monster of GPLRank Jacques Serre -7.547
  Axel Dorner -1.44
New Negatives2004-05-23 08:00:17
GPLRank Todd Stratton -5.098
  Mats Larsson -0.139
ChallengeRank Theo Froitzheim -0.578
New Negatives2004-05-22 08:00:16
GPLRank Stefano Bucci -0.403
New Negatives2004-05-21 08:00:16
GPLRank Linus Lindstedt -16.972
VROC F2 Club2004-05-20 16:45:13
Author: Michael Cornelison (F2)
The VROC F2 Club will celebrate its 4th anniversay November 18th. All current, former, and prospective members are encouraged to celebrate by joining us for some competitive F2 racing! Scheduled races every Saturday morning (ET) and Thursday evenings. Thursday Night Thunder uses innovative Sprint/Feature format which all but guarantees close, exciting racing! Saturday races have been so popular we've sometimes had to run three servers! Join us!

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2004-05-19 08:00:16
GPLRank Sam Stone -5.868
  issy -12.697
  Dominic Fingerhut -3.123
Monster of GPLRank Oren Barnea -0.505
ChallengeRank Steve Peake -0.788
New Negatives2004-05-17 08:00:16
Monster of GPLRank Patrik Heyl -0.27
New Negatives2004-05-16 08:00:16
GPLRank André Jensen -0.022
MunchausenRank LEVINCARS -13.37
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