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New World Records2005-11-07 09:00:00
East London 1967 BRM (65) Damiano Bonetti 1:24.458 (-0.202)
Falkenbergs Motorbana 2002 Brabham BT7 (65) Maik Hennel 0:42.629
Lakeside 1967 Ferrari (65) Hank Probert 0:55.800
Monaco 1967 Lotus (65) Alexander Schokin wheel 1:26.836 (-0.409)
Rouen-les-Essarts 1967 Honda (65) Damiano Bonetti 2:02.386 (-0.177)
New Negatives2005-11-07 08:00:05
Monster of GPLRank Topi Korteniemi -119.82
New Negatives2005-11-06 08:00:05
GPLRank Dirk Vekeman -0.169
GPL65v2Rank Jan-Arild Løkstad -0.445
New Negatives2005-11-04 08:00:05
GPLRank David Liñan -7.661
AERL - American Endurance Race League2005-11-03 14:57:35
Author: Ed Tripet
AERL invites you to its exciting 4th season of GPL racing. A few seats are still available for this fast growing GPL league. All skill levels are welcome and there is no handicapping in this Pro Long F1 league. Races run 45-60 min. on Thursday 21:00 EDT. Picture color commentary are posted after the race. The season finishes with a 11th race at Le Mans for AERLs annual 24 Laps of Le Mans. The winner receives AERLs travelling trophy the Tasse D Enduro to hold until the next 24 Laps race.

click here for more info about this league
New Negatives2005-11-03 08:00:05
GPLRank Bjørn Finnestad -0.594
New World Records2005-11-02 09:00:00
Spa Francorchamps 1967 Honda Oliver Reinhold 3:14.621 (-0.066)
New Negatives2005-11-02 08:00:06
GPLRank Yves Pedneault (QGPL) -0.72
GPL65v2Rank Roland Linder -0.111
New Negatives2005-10-31 08:00:06
Monster of GPLRank Aku K -80.511
New Negatives2005-10-30 08:00:05
Monster of GPLRank fbevo -93.524
  Dennis Griffen -1.338
HistoricRank Zefox -0.246
GPL65v2Rank Peter Dunham -0.215
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